Verizon iPhone for Mom and Dad

Verizon iPhone On January 3rd, I talked a little about the iPhone coming to Verizon in this post: Now that AT&T’s exclusive contract with Apple’s iPhone is up, guess what……the iPhone will be for sale with Verizon as soon as February 10, 2011. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, good planning Verizon!

The iPhone will be the newest version, the 4G, I currently have the iPod verison, (sans phone capability) I really wish that the iPod had the option to just turn on phone capabilities, but I understand that would boost the cost as well. With a 2 year plan and data pak (required) Verizon is offering the iPhone for $199.99 plus tax. If you are currently a Verizon customer you can reserve your iPhone before they are available to the public using this link:

Personally being a parent I love my iPod because it has so many applications that Miss A can learn from and have fun with too, there are apps to teach her how to draw letters, sound out words, perform match equations and more, plus she’s learning hand-eye-coordination as well as how to use modern technology. I keep her play limited because if I didn’t she’d be on it all day long.

Angry BirdsFor me there are great apps that allow me to create schedules, reminders of important dates we have, check my email from anywhere and even some great recipe apps too, not to mention a few minutes of Angry Birds to give me a little “zone out time” you know what I’m talking about!

I do wish the iPhone was a little cheaper because it would be nice not to have to carry both my iPod and my phone with me, but maybe in time.

What do you think about Verizon getting the iPhone?? Are you excited? Could care less? Would you buy one?

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