U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids Book Review

UNIQUE Kids ReviewLooking for a book to inspire your 8-12 year old to become a leader? Debra J. Slover is the writer of both U.N.I.Q.U.E. and U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids. With illustrations by Darlene Warner, U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids book came to life.

Slover used a fable like story telling point of view to grow her points and ideas. Using farmers, animals, and places on the farm Slover illustrates how to become a strong leader.

I’m really an advocate for children learning how to be inspired although I’m not quite sure that every child should be or could be a leader. There were a lot of things in this book that I enjoyed and could see children 8-12, the intended audience for this book, liking, but there were also some things I could have personally done without.

Since the list of my dislikes is short and sweet I’ll start with those, but please keep reading because this book does have some great things to offer. My main issue with the book, being that it is written for children ages 8-12 is the style of writing. U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids is told in a very fable-like way using animals, and places to convey leadership concepts. Having been a child once ago and having a pre-teen sister I think the points would have been absorbed without the corny characters. I get what the author is trying to do by relating child-like symbolism, but again could have done without. Now, if this book was written for say children 5-8 I might say it was more appropriate, personally. Other than the tone of the story there were some great learning points throughout the book.

I enjoy that after each chapter there are questions about that chapter and leaves room for the reader to examine what they have learned from that lesson. I think this is a good opportunity for children to read and then absorb what they just read and think about how they might be able to integrate it into their lives.

U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids uses the letters U.N.I.Q.U.E. to illustrate how to become a leader. U – Understanding, N – Nurturing, I – Inventive, Q – Quality, U – Unstoppable, and E – Expression. Each of these points are taught by characters in the book from people, to animals who facilitate places around the farm to portray things the reader may have to overcome to become a strong leader. I enjoy the word play with U.N.I.Q.U.E and again feel that the chapter journaling will help the reader not to get too overwhelmed with each step.

I enjoyed that this book was not all words and gave some well done illustrations. The illustrations in this book are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also show the learning points in a fun way that makes it very easy to learn and remember. I can see a reader enjoying these as much as I did.

U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids has great symbolism and explains that everything has a meaning. It is definitely an in-depth book and I would recommend this more for a teacher or adult who is overseeing a leadership group, club, or class, rather than something you would pick up for your child. Again, I think it takes a certain personality and drive to become a leader and not every child is meant to lead otherwise the world would not work as it does.

What ways do you teach your child to be a leader?