Thirty-One Gifts by Kellee Olmstead

Thirty-One Logo Kellee OlmsteadHi, I am Jenn, and I am a big diaper bag momma. I love carrying around big diaper bags solely for the reason that I can have the most random, hopefully useful items on hand when my kids {or sometimes other moms and kids} need something. It’s my bag ‘o tricks and although sometimes a tiny bit obstructive to my daily errands, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I hope that some of you can empathize with me on this. I know I’ve seen you out there, come on, admit it. Okay even if you haven’t can you at least pretend for a minute?? Okay, thanks!

I have used a total of maybe 5 diaper bags since Miss A was born {4 years ago}. And the bags have just gotten bigger and bigger, but not huge, don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not carrying those ENORMOUS Army duffle bags around or anything. Sheesh! But I do have to admit after carrying around this one: Previous semi-big diaper bag I still needed more space, especially for my two girlies.

One of my friend’s Kellee Olmstead sells Thirty-One Gifts and I looked through her catalog trying to find a diaper bag and although they don’t list any bags specifically as diaper bags they have awesome alternatives. I ended up with this cute, black, Cindy Tote:

Thirty-One Black Cindy Kellee Olmstead

This great bag not only has a really clean look, but more importantly for my baby item hoarding issue, it has two exterior side pockets that I use for holding sippy cups {or sometimes stashing the poor Goldfish crackers that end up on the floor}, had an interior zipper pocket where I put my keys, and gum so the girls don’t get them, and three interior open pockets that I have random things like hand sanitizer, granola bars, bandaids, and of course crayons in. And even though all the pockets are incredible, I also love the open space of the inside, yes even after I fill up all the pockets I have room for coloring books, an extra change of clothes for baby, diapers/wipes, and so, so much more. One more thing, I also love that this bag comes with two leather-ish straps but that you can also add, and will probably want to add, an extra shoulder strap if you like to put your bag on your stroller and it also makes a nice accent if you choose a fun color to match any professionalization you add.

Luckily, Thirty-One offers bags like these so once I’m done with the diapers I can use this bag to tote my laptop, and other work essentials and still look cute doing it.

If you like the Cindy tote, or want to check out the other cute accessories that Thirty-One carries head over to: to check out Kellee’s website and place your order for bags that you can fill with all types of goodies, help you organize your home, or just look cute and fashionable.

Do you carry a small, or large diaper bag/purse? What are your essentials to carry?

I received a Cindy tote in order to write this review. All opinions are my honest opinions and not influenced by any outside sources, cross my heart. I hope that you enjoy reading my reviews and I would love your opinions too!