The Prenatal Picture Review

The Prenatal Picture ReviewEver wonder what your unborn baby will look like? Who’s nose he’ll have or if she’ll have a head full of hair? With today’s amazing 3d/4d technology you can find all these things and more out about your little one.  Coming from a time where mothers had to sense the gender of their baby and find out only on their labor day going to being able to see the most intricate details of their child’s fingers and toes and watch their baby suck their thumb in utero. What amazing progress we’ve made!

The Prenatal Picture allowed me and my family, DaddyB, and Little Miss A, the opportunity to take a peak at Baby Girl C and we were in awe. We confirmed that Baby Girl is indeed a baby and a girl, but even more than that we got to see her yawn, open her eyes, and mostly hide from us using her hands AND her feet.

Even with our little stubborn girl we got some really clear pictures and a video that we were able to share with our family. My favorite part of The Prenatal Picture’s services is their Sonolive capabilities. Sonolive, basically, is a live webfeed for family or friends to be able to view and share the experience of the ultrasound while the ultrasound is being conducted. I love that even people overseas can share in this joy even when sometimes they can’t be within arms reach. My mom and sister were able to watch along and felt very privileged to be able to watch along with us.

Check out a couple pictures from The Prenatal Picture including one of our little darling.

The Prenatal Picture Review

The Prenatal Picture Review

Because of the ultrasound we have bonded in a new way with our little one and are even more excited to meet her. We found out she has a lot of her grandfather’s traits, just like her big sister and yet again I think the gene fairy decided not to give me any credit. At least I have the blessing of being able to give life to these little girls.

Mary, owner and operator at The Prenatal Picture was very patient and sweet, even calling our baby by her name to get her to move around. I loved that the appointment did not feel clinical at all and even though Mary has probably seen thousands of babies via the 3d/4d ultrasound technology she made it special for us.

The Prenatal Picture’s website suggests coming in for your elective ultrasound anywhere from your 26th to your 34th week for the best images. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water starting a couple of days before your appointment

The Prenatal Picture FacilityThe Prenatal Picture facilities are beautiful and serene with dim lighting and a waterfall, very spa-like. I enjoyed that there was a viewing section in the ultrasound room where several friends and family could sit and watch as well. A lot of doctor’s offices and ultrasound facilities only have room for the mom and dad-to-be. Unfortunately Miss A was running all around the room, but at least she wasn’t confined to an 7×7 space.

If you are looking to book your ultrasound in the Charlotte or surrounding areas The Prenatal Picture is the place to go. I actually found out about this location through several positive mom-mendations (mom recommendations,) and highly recommend it myself.

There are several very reasonably priced packages for your choosing. Each package includes printed photos, a dvd set to music, a cd of images to email, an exclusive mommy pack filled with goodies and so much more. That’s a whole lot of value for your money. Definitely something to consider in this economy! Don’t forget the price match and military discounts (see website for availability.) Check out The Prenatal Picture’s website here: to learn more and schedule your appointment.

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