The Gruffalo – A Movie Review

The Gruffalo DVD

As soon as I heard The Gruffalo was coming out on DVD, I knew for sure I’d have to check it out. There are a few books that were my childhood favorites and I still hold dear, and this was one.

Although I couldn’t actually remember the full story I knew as soon as I started watching I would be reminded of the plot. I watched with my 4 year-old and 1.5 year-old and we are very cautious of movies because our oldest is very sensitive to material that could be perceived as “scary”.

For Miss A and Baby C the movie was appropriate. I was amazed at the quality of animation in The Gruffalo DVD. Seriously, from the little details to the perspective of the movie I was very impressed.

The story itself was a great one, and I won’t give everything away, but the storyline goes a little something like this: The mouse in all his tiny-ness, does his best not to get eaten by creatures of the forest. He makes up the existence of the Gruffalo {at least he thinks he makes it up}, but mouse’s creativity leads him to the one and only Gruffalo himself.

I would recommend, {as I always do with children’s DVDs}, for parents to watch the video without their children, because as parents we know our children’s tolerance of certain things best. I can understand where some children may be scared by the Gruffalo or other woodland creatures in this movie and want to make sure that you, my readers know that ahead of time.

Overall I think it’s a great movie, based on a classic book and definitely worth purchasing for the holidays or any reason really. I think the message behind the story is one that is valuable and the girls and I will definitely keep this movie in our collection.

I received a review copy of this dvd for the sole purpose of writing this post. The opinions expressed above are my own honest opinions, however yours may vary.

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