Tech Review: i Covers and Cases

Sometimes when you acquire new technology you forget all the additional accessories that go along with the new devices.  Coming from personal experience {aka a cracked phone}, it’s important to make sure your devices are protected and have the right accessories. I had the opportunity to review a couple of new i-accessories and wanted to give you my thoughts so you can make the best purchasing choice whether you go with the brands listed, or the reviews give you some helpful tips on buying your next device accessory.

From ZooGue – iPad 3rd/4th generation Genius case $49.99


[I like:]
  • Fit my iPad perfectly
  • Has the appropriate spots for cameras etc.
  • Comes in PINK and BLACK
  • Has a hard cover for protection
  • Can attach with velcro straps for portability
  • Decent price
[/checklist] [Not so much:]
  • This version has a velcro stand that sticks to everything (including my clothes when carrying it)
  • No screen protector
  • Only comes in two colors currently

ZooGue iPad Case Review MommyB

Overall thoughts:

I think I would have chosen the Zoogue Prodigy iPad case over this one because the velcro is very annoying, but I do love that the case allows for several angles (which is great for glare and different user heights).

For more details and to purchase check out ZooGue’s website:

From NueVue – Leather iPhone Case $56.99


[I like:]
  • That it rids my phone of germs {phones are so germy!}
  • It’s available in leather, canvas, and cotton twill and several colors
  • The sleek and clean look of the case
[/checklist] [Not so much:]
  • These types of case covers don’t offer protection for phones and other devices
  • Cannot use the phone while it’s in the case
  • If using for only cleaning purposes you still need to remove your hardcase before cleaning

NewVu iPhone Case review MommyB

Overall thoughts:

I LOVE the concept of a clean phone {bacteria-free especially} however I need my phone to be protected especially being a busy mom. If they can somehow combine cleaning with hardcase phones I’m all in. In the meantime I will continue to use my NueVue case to clean my phone on occasion.

More details and purchasing NueVue on their website:

Are you looking for a case or accessory for any of your devices? Do you have any technology device accessories favorites? 

Tech Review i Covers and Cases MommyB


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I received review products from both companies in order to give a detailed review and chose to share my experiences with you. All opinions express in this post are my honest thoughts.