Scholastic Sign Language DVD Series

Scholastic LogoAward winning Scholastic Storybook Treasures is at it again. They’ve come up with two great DVDs featuring classic storybooks turned videos, and bonus, the stories are told through sign language, how great!

Goodnight MoonThe first release, Goodnight Moon…and More Great Bedtime Stories is a hit. In the B Household Goodnight Moon has been a favorite since Little Miss A was a baby and truth-be-told she still loves when I read her that book, in fact I caught her just a second ago, during her “rest time” reading, “Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Moon,” to her Barbies. This 36 minute DVD holds 3 great stories on one DVD and supports learning in vocabulary, fine motor skills, and comprehension.

Now the second DVD, I know I will get in trouble for not reading…is A Pocket for Corduroy and More Stories about Friendship. Okay here’s your chance…I know, I should have read this classic when I was a child and if not then now that I have two beauties of my own….but I just haven’t, sorry. Anyway, it was great getting the opportunity to watch this children’s classic along with the sign language bonus.

The first time we watched this Miss A just loved that the movie was the book in video form. Then she noticed the ASL right away and started copying the signs, I thought that was pretty cool. When Miss A was about 4 months old we started teaching her baby sign so she could communicate with us, so I’ve always thought that even for hearing children sign is a great way to teach and help them learn. So many studies back up the findings that learning sign language has so many benefits for children, so I enjoy that both videos are jam packed with opportunities for learning.

The great part about both DVDs is that a hearing impaired or a hearing child can watch together and both get enjoyment out of fun stories that never grow old. I love them and know you will too, check out to buy yours for less than $13 a video.

Are there any Storybook Classics that you have not read?? PS I promise I won’t harass you!!

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