Sally the Stinkpot Turtle

Sally the Stinkpot TurtleThese days there are a mix of children’s books on the shelves of Public Libraries, in retail stores, and in our homes. Some books are for amusement, some are great for teaching, and some fall into both categories. Sally the Stinkpot Turtle by Diane Hamele-Bena and Mary Sue Rosen, is one of the books that exemplify a silly story with a lesson.

In this book, Sally, a Stinkpot turtle longs to be something other than stinky. One day she swims upon a berry necklace, but not just any berry necklace, and from that point on her thoughts become wishes and her thoughts and dreams become wishes upon wishes as we follow Sally through a variety of things she’d “rather be.”

It’s fun to follow Sally’s wishes throughout the story, see what animal she wants to be next and see why it’s just not the right fit for her. The illustrations are fun and even though Sally’s appearance changes there are running themes that will help your child recognize that each metamorphosis is the unhappy Stinkpot turtle.

Even though she’s a tad fickle, I like Sally, not only because she’s from Upstate New York {like me}, but she reminds me that sometimes in life the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

This story has a happy ending and a great lesson, but I won’t give that completely away, you’ll have to buy the book to check it out.

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I was not compensated to write about this book, however I do know one of the authors and fully support her work in this book.