Royal Drama Review

royal dramaYou know the saying, “Save the Drama for yo Momma?” Well, in this case you can save the Drama for your Momma, your sister, your daughter, son, anyone you can think of, this is Royal Drama!

Royal Drama’s shirts come in several different styles from t-shirts, to hoodies and even cute little dresses, (can you tell I’m the mom to two girls?) I love all of the sassy sayings on the Royal Drama clothing line and found it hard to pick from them.


A few of my personal favorites, thinking of my husband, is the “Sorry Boys…I’m taken!” Here’s a pictures of Little Miss A working hers. (We did also get one for Baby C, but she’s still a little too small to rock it.)

Miss A

I don’t usually post too many kiddo pics, but just couldn’t resist. Every time we go out she tells people, “Sorry Boys…I’m taken!” and of course they just laugh and laugh. They also have, “Sorry Girls, I’m taken,” too for those adorable little men in your life.

future presidentOne of my other favorites is this little number, the “Future President” t-shirt for baby and toddler. Although I’m not sure a boy would want to wear this, maybe it was meant for a girl anyway. I think Miss A definitely has a chance to be a future president but I’m partial.

I also got to know Royal Drama’s Mama (if you will,) Ferrol Lipton. She is a great lady who started Royal Drama in 2007 after her disappointment in the fun options for baby and children’s clothing. She was looking for fun, unique, sassy baby gear that truly caught and held her attention, and since she couldn’t find that in the stores, she decided to take it upon her self.

When asked why Royal Drama stands above the rest, Ferrol told me that, “Royal Drama represents never being afraid to say what’s on your mind from baby up and to go after whatever you want in life while trying to laugh as much as you can. Giving back to charity is extremely important to us too!”  What a great company to stand behind.

Thanks again to Ferrol and Royal Drama for such a cute line for everyone! I hope you, my readers, have also enjoyed learning about our adventures in sassy and :)

Want to buy a cool top from Royal Drama’s fun line of clothing? Ferrol loves them all but her favorite are the rhinestone hoodies, too cute! Check out their website here:

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