The Rose Princess and the Special Gift

The Rose Princess and The Special GiftThe Rose Princess and the Special Gift written by Mike de Vetter with illustrations by Travis Orams is an amazing story of a beautiful princess who shares a message of selflessness with the readers in a fun and beautiful way.

From the fun, cartoon-y animations to the message of giving to those in need, Little Miss A and I LOVED this book from start to finish. I must say that I even cried because of the amazing kindness of the Princess and her Father, the King, and of course the meaning behind it all.

Even at 3.5 years old Miss A gathered a lot from this book’s message and asked questions throughout the entire story. I love talking to her about the people in need and am glad that it opened up conversation about how we can help people and give gifts to those in need and what God would want us to do in situations like these. 

We also like that the characters are diverse and that the author and illustrator thought the small things through and incorporated them into this great tale.

This book certainly has re-readability and is not something you will tire from easily. Plus, I really enjoy that the story is detailed, yet didn’t seem long or drawn out to me at all.

I would recommend this book to those trying to teach their children to be kind, share, help those in need, and even those families who’s children already have these great qualities. It’s definitely a “must have” in ever children’s collection and I’ve also thought of giving the gift as a graduation present because of the relevant message.

So glad I had the opportunity to check out The Rose Princess and the Special Gift, purchase your own copy at Amazon here: Buy The Rose Princess and the Special Gift Book now.