Reasons to Smile for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner waiting for us to celebrate it. If you are on Pinterest you see so many Valentine’s crafts, the stores are decked out with candy, cards, and gifts {although almost since Christmas was over}, bloggers are putting up some pretty rocking gift guides, everyone’s getting ready for this lovey-dovey holiday.

Valentine’s Day can mean a number of things to different people, for me, I am happy because I have such a great man in my life and celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of love to my soul mate. It also means a day when I tell friends and family I love them too, and of course, a day when my girls and I get to have some fun sharing even more hugs and kisses than usual, sometimes dressing up, and attending themed parties. For me, Valentine’s Day is a day FULL of smiles, and that’s a good great thing, for many reasons.


Reasons to Smile Valentine's Day


With the season of love coming up, a smile can mean everything. Here are some reasons to smile, some silly, some health related, and some….romantical {I know that’s not a word, but it’s the best one to describe it!}

Smiling is said to improve overall health including physical health. During cold and flu season who couldn’t use an extra boost?? Plus, who wants to be sick on Valentine’s Day, not me!!!

Smiling can make you feel more confident about yourself, and confidence is sexy.

Smiling bridges the gap between race, gender, age, culture, language, height, and so on. A smile is a smile is a smile.

Smiling creates good feelings. They help get the endorphins going, so even if you’re not feeling it, you may be able to trick your brain into believing it.

Smiling can encourage, or uplift another person. You never know who may enjoy and benefit from your own smile. Consider brightening someone else’s day with a smile, whether it’s your Valentine, or a complete stranger.

Smiling can make you hold your tongue when you know you ought to but don’t necessarily want to. {That’s a good thing.}

Smiling can make you look younger than you actually are. Thus the reason I smile…A LOT!!!! 😉

Smiling is a free gift to anyone who chooses to receive it.

Smiling is a way to teach your children and those around you that no matter what life is good and worth being happy about.

Smiling often encourages oral health, the more you smile the more you want your teeth to be clean and look good.

Really, this list could go on and on and on, but you get the picture. With a great smile, that you are able to share with anyone you meet, this Valentine’s Day could be one filled with love and joy. I know the better my own teeth look with the help of Invisalign, the more I am willing to share that smile with others and even reap the benefits of smiling myself as well.

Why are you smiling this Valentine’s Day?


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*I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, I receive complimentary Invisalign treatment, but am posting my own, personal opinions.