Reading Rainbow App Featuring LeVar Burton

Reading Rainbow Logo “Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow…” to this day, these lyrics still bring a huge feeling of nostalgia and GREAT memories to mind. As a childhood book worm, {I say childhood because I have a lot less time to read now being a working mom than I did as a carefree kiddo,} I adored Reading Rainbow, and it’s host, LeVar Burton. The books featured and fun learning segments definitely stole my attention, that is, when I wasn’t actually reading books themselves.

Now, as a mom I definitely want my own children to have those warm fuzzy memories from quality shows they grow up on, unfortunately a lot of the programming, including Reading Rainbow aren’t on standard cable anymore. But guess what?!?!

“Reading Rainbow, that much loved PBS TV show that inspired a love of reading among children, is back – now as an app for iPad. For the first time, children ages 3-9 can enjoy a library of hundreds of curated books customized to their age and interests, combined with video field trips that connect the stories children read to the world they live in. The Reading Rainbow app features LeVar Burton, host of the series, also known for his roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Roots.”

Reading Rainbow App

Right now, the Reading Rainbow app is free for download on the iPad. A subscription service is available, offering convenient, unlimited access to an extensive library of quality books, videos, activities and more at a price parents can appreciate.

Here’s LeVar explaining a little more about the app and it’s great features:

LeVar wants parents to know that, “Reading will never go out of style, but the tools used for learning are changing. I am excited to bring Reading Rainbow back so that parents who watched the show can now share that same feel-good experience with their own children but on a platform that resonates with today’s digital kids.”

I love that as a parent I can help Miss A select what she’ll be reading from a variety of acclaimed children’s publishers and countless award-winning books and the new releases they’ll be constantly adding.

Along with the fun stories the app also includes:

A Virtual Backpack to hold a child’s’ favorite stories and a customizable virtual I.D. where you can add their picture

Celebrity Host – LeVar Burton is featured throuhout the app and personally I grew up feeling like he very calming and had a great teaching personality. What’s even cooler is that my kids will begin to recognize him and feel even more “at home” when they play the app.

Video Field Trips – Journey with LeVar Burton to visit fascinating people and places. Children are transported on exciting real-life adventures relating the stories they read to the world they live
Cool Reward System – Kids earn stickers each time they finish a book so they can be proud of their achievements and also want to read even more.

and one of my favorite features: the Parent Dashboard Review real-time information regarding what
your child is reading and personalized tips to get your kiddo talking about the book enhancing their learning experience.

And of course so much more!! I am a STRONG believe that reading is important and make it a daily event in our own home. If you have an iPad, I encourage you to check the app out, it’s free to put on your iPad and if you decide you like it a subscription is $9.99 a month recurring or $49.99 “introductory” one-year

For more information on the Reading Rainbow App, visit * Introductory price is valid through August 30, 2012

Please let me know if you check it out and what YOU think of it!!

I love Reading Rainbow and am writing this post as a member of Child’s Play Communications. However, the opinions expressed in this post are my own honest opinions, yours may vary, however if you don’t love LeVar Burton, we may need to talk.