Readeez Review and 2 Giveaways {Closed}

Readeez Review and GiveawayLittle Miss A and I couldn’t help but bop around our house listening and watching the materials from Readeez. There were even points in the songs where Miss A took out her inflatable guitar to rock along with the quirky songs.

I love Readeez because they remind me a little of the band They Might Be Giants’ style , if you don’t know who they are then stop reading my blog! No seriously TMBG is probably best known by parents because they are featured on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Higglytown Heroes, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Although they have some pretty awesome adult hits as well.

The combination between the simple, yet fun illustrations and the “live-action” of creator and performer Michael Rachap is a great marriage to keep kids (and some adults) engaged. While I like most of the songs I have a few favorites, perhaps because I like “rocking out” with Miss A. We love dancing to, “Boomba Boom,” and always giggle at, “The Duck Song.” I just can’t help but want to jump around and be silly and Readeez makes it so easy.

The point of Readeez products is to make learning fun by using fun story lines, lyrics, and music to show kids what words look like. I love that they use what they call SyllableSync™ which gives kids the experience of being read to while reading for themselves and putting the words on the screen my syllables.

I’m not sure my 2.5 year old is getting the written word down, but when she’s requesting a song after only listening to it twice you know something has to be good about it. I thought it was hilarious that as soon as the, “I Love Lunch,” song came on Little Miss requested a snack.

Readeez Review and Giveaway CD

Aside from the eclectic music, (that I think both kids and parents will enjoy) I really enjoy the relationship between Isabel Waters and her dad Julian. It’s a very fun, yet sweet relationship and I love that we, the reader, are allowed to go on a silly adventure with them up the mountain.

My one “gripe” if you want to even call it that would be Michael’s funny facial expressions, they’re just too much for me, but Miss A loves the videos so I guess Readeez is doing it’s job and getting their audience, my kids and yours involved with the exaggerations. He just must be that “cuddly teddy bear” type, I guess.

Not only did Miss A and I get to have fun with Readeez’s CD and DVD but two of you, my ever faithful readers are going to win a copy of the CD and DVD that I received as well!

Here’s how to win:
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MANDATORY 1st Entry – Visit Readeez’s video website and tell me which video/song is your favorite .

Extra Entries: Each worth 1 entry, again please fill out separate entry forms for each.
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