Princess Bubble Review

Princess Bubble Review

Ever dream of being a princess? Running away with a handsome prince? Living happily ever after in his castle? Well forget that! Okay, maybe not completely, but I stumbled upon this amazing book, Princess Bubble, written by Susan Johnston, published by Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb and illustrated by Maria Tonelli.

Princess Bubble is a modern day fairy tale with an amazingly empowering twist. The Princess does not run away and get happily married to the prince. She finds her own happiness rejoicing in and celebrating the spirit of being a strong, independent woman.

I found this book to be anything but focused on feminism. Instead,Princess Bubble embraces her talents, encourages education and finding a career and knowing that no matter what every Princess/woman has worth, whether or not they choose to find that “Prince.”One of my favorite quotes from this book is, “Princess Bubble realized living happily ever after was having true happiness by loving God, being kind to others, and liking who you are.” This is a message that anyone from 3 to 93 can understand.

I appreciate the child and adult humor sprinkled, like glitter of course, throughout Princess Bubble. The illustrations enhance the story of Princess Bubble and really make the character and all of her adventures come to life. I love the bubbly use of watercolors and the images appealed to me and really stood out from being too “cartoony” or too adult.

Princess Bubble is inspiring, wanting to travel and learn about other cultures. She’s fun, buying her own palace and having girlfriends over for parties, but most importantly she’s happy. The book Princess Bubblereally encourages the female gender to create their own happiness instead of waiting for anyone to do it for them, not necessarily just a man, but any person in their life.

As a whole this book could have done a poor job reaching the entire audience it’s aimed for, which was all ages, but through the story line and illustrations the balance was perfect and really does speak to every woman.

The great messages, mixed with funny situations and even a little whimsy make Princess Bubble a book I would buy for the girls and women in my life who I love. I highly recommend this book to anyone I know — it’s a keeper and should be on every Princess’ shelf.

What makes you or your little girl a princess??