Operation Beautiful Review

Operation Beautiful CoverI first met Caitlin Boyle, from HealthyTippingPoint.com at the Ball Canning Event I blogged about in July. I sat at a table full of food bloggers/”foodies” and was the only one at my table using the wrong fork I’m sure! Although, I personally was a little intimidated to be amongst the bunch each one of the girls I sat with, including Caitlin were very inclusive and personable. Although none of the bloggers at my end of the table were moms I even got a chance to talk about the girls, which, as some of you know I can’t get enough of.

After meeting Caitlin and checking out her website, and social media outlets, I found out that she had written a book. Actually, it’s not just A book, it’s a very special book, Operation Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time. Operation Beautiful is an amazing, inspirational book that, (in my opinion,) should be on the coffee table in every home.

Why would I be so bold to make such a statement?? Here’s why:

I believe in self. I am a strong believer that every person, no matter what background, what race, gender, economic status, or hardships in life, can change their life for the better and find peace and happiness. Now I may sound like I’m delusional, but I know several people, Caitlin Boyle for one, and the many participants in the Operation Beautiful Movement who agree with me.What is Operation Beautiful about? “Operation Beautiful[the movement]  is a positive uplifting act that stamps out negative self-talk and encourages you to be the best version of yourself.” After Caitlin’s own life struggles, she decided that she wanted to empower herself by writing a note, on a post-it, that simply said, “You are beautiful.” This note turned into an entire movement where people are now working on themselves, bringing smiles to others days, and even reevaluating their self-worth.

Operation Beautiful Post It

In this book, Boyle (I feel weird calling her that since I’ve met her in person,) describes Fat Talk, how damaging it can be, and ways to stop Fat Talk. She also goes on to point out how others can directly effect us, gives tips on how to be healthy with working out and eating right instead of eating “healthy,” how to appreciate the life you have, and creating a plan to move forward.

Scattered throughout the book are not only tips on how to implement Operation Beautiful in your own life, but my favorite part, real life stories, and photos of actual operationbeautiful.com post-its. What a strong movement this has become and if you have not heard about Operation Beautiful, check out http://www.operationbeautiful.com

After reading Operation Beautiful I am more mindful of my thoughts. Yesterday and last night, Baby C was in horrible pain from teething, nothing we tried was working to subdue the pain. She took very short naps and even when she finally went to bed she was up frequently. Instead of being frustrated that I couldn’t take the pain away, I tried to be thankful that I was able to rock her and console her. I remembered that I am so blessed, although yesterday was a very long day at least I am able to be a mother, and hold her in my arms, even if it’s not always giggles and smiles. Now this morning I’m a little tired, but I’m still trying to keep my thinking positive, and while I know that I won’t be able to “beautify” my thinking all the time, it is something that I want to continually be working on because I really do want to enjoy life, and hopefully you do too!

I think the parts of this book I enjoy the most are the stories of women and men who are struggling in life, but have found a way, through the Operation Beautiful Movement to take steps towards a better tomorrow. Being a mom, I can also appreciate the stories, one in particular, about a mom who, like me, has her battle wounds and shows off her stretch marks and scars with a sign that says, “Every part of you is beautiful, stretch marks included!” Sometimes I miss my pre-baby body and even joke that I didn’t enjoy it while I had it, but I try to remember that through the changes I’ve inherited blessings that are priceless.

I highly recommend everyone to purchase a copy of Operation Beautiful, because it’s a book you can read and re-read no matter where you are in life, it’s also a great book to share and an even better conversation starter! I may even buy a few copies to gift for this holiday season, because what better gift can you give someone than hope and empowerment?

What are things you struggle with? What makes you beautiful? If you had an Operation Beautiful Post-it message what would it say??