No Fizz Charlotte: An Interview with Kate Kincaid

Kate Kincaid No Fizz CharlotteRecently, I had the opportunity to interview Kate Kincaid from No Fizz Charlotte about her role in the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, and the importance of the program in her personal life as well. I learned a lot more about the program, the thought processes behind it, and personal goals that Kate has set for herself, and the people she cares about.

So whether you live in Charlotte, North Carolina or not please check out this great interview for more information on the 60 Days of Hydration Challenge, it’s never to late to start hydrating!

How did you come up with 60 Days of Hydration idea?

Body is more than 60% water. 60 ounces is a good total for a lot of people – not too difficult for beginners, very attainable for all, and also a good enough total for people to see real health benefits after completing the challenge. Also, 60 days is a long time – we wanted people to build in habits that will last longer than just the challenge, so that drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated almost becomes second nature.

In your words, what is 60 Days of Hydration about?

It’s about health. It’s about empowering yourself to think about your health, your hydration, and your activity and energy levels. It’s about taking a stand against putting dangerous chemicals into your body, your children’s body and more. It’s also about learning the importance of drinking water, and avoiding beverages like soda. It’s also about the community coming together and rallying each other for better health, and exposing your friends and family to a simple way to get yourself a little bit healthier at no cost.

What’s your role as co-founder?

Bobby and I do pretty much everything together! We are a good team. He and I create sponsorship packages, plan fundraising events, interact daily with our challenge participants, PR, research new studies on hydration, soda, and health in general to educate the community, etc. I am specifically responsible for creating all of our lesson plans and outreach programs.

What are the biggest benefits to joining something like the 60 Day Challenge?

The health benefits are huge – weight loss/maintenance, higher energy levels, less headaches and fatigue, less sluggishness, better concentration, etc. For those who are struggling to keep up with the challenge and need extra support, the community benefits are also huge. They are able to discuss with others through our Facebook and twitter pages about drinking water, avoiding soda, tips for hydration, and more. The support and encouragement that we and other participants provide via facebook, twitter, the NoFizz website and our water blog is awesome! You are not alone!

Sippy CupBegin a wife and mother, how does hydrating come into play in your day-to-day? (and) How do you find ways hydrate your family?

This is one of the most important things a mother can do! First and foremost, I do not buy soda period. If it’s in the house, this teaches your family that it’s ok to drink soda whenever you want. It’s ok to offer soda as a treat every now and then when out to eat dinner, birthday party, etc. and I will do this, but I will never keep it in the house. I only buy 100% juice with NO sugar added. If you start early and don’t have the sugary drinks within their reach, they won’t grow up wanting it. My husband and I drink water at every meal and always have our stainless steel water bottles with us when we leave the house. It’s all about setting a good example. I give my 7 month old water in her sippy cup. She usually just plays with the cup now, but the point is I am not introducing the sweet taste of sugary juices to her diet. Again, when I do it will be 100% juice with no sugar added. Next summer when my daughter is older, we will have fun making our own popsicles with milk, water with fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, etc. If you get your kids started early, they will pick up on the healthy habits like it’s second nature.

Do you have any tips or tricks for people on switching to water instead of turning to the alternatives?

Start slowly and refine your goals. If you’ve never been a big water drinker, don’t start at 60 oz – start at 40, and when you conquer that goal, move up. Remember that this isn’t about perfection – this is about building healthy habits for a lifetime and empowering yourself to take control of your health. Also, split intake up throughout the day. Don’t try to drink all 60 ounces with breakfast. Drink 10 ounces every hour for six hours -and you’re there! Add things like cucumbers, lemons, apples, oranges and more fruits to your water to liven up the flavor while avoiding dangerous artificial ingredients. For those who need that carbonated fix, try the IZZE sparkling fruit juice instead of a soda. This is 70% all natural fruit juice with carbonated water. You will get the carbonation you need without the refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, and preservatives. It’s really good! And remember that this is a fun community oriented event! If you miss one day, it’s not the end of the world – it’s an opportunity to do even better the next day and get a little bit healthier!

If you could tell my readers one thing about NoFizz Charlotte and the 60 Day Challenge what would it be?

No Fizz Charlotte

Interact with us! If you want to take the challenge, follow us on Twitter or fan us on Facebook ( – we love interacting with participants and we love hearing your stories of success and answering all of your questions. We have a great community of participants who love helping each other get healthy throughout the Carolinas (and beyond!). This is a fun community event, and we want to hear how you are doing with it! We’d love for you to join the challenge that almost 1,000 people have already taken!

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