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I really think I watch too much television when I start seeing commercials for the most hilarious products around. But I thought it’d be funny to feature them here on MommyBKnowsBest and in case you’ve never seen them then, “you’re welcome!!”

Pajama JeansFirst up are Pajama Pants….these darling bottoms are not quite pajamas but not quite pants…they’re the perfect birth between the two and we’re so blessed to have the opportunity to look fashionable and be comfortable at the same time!! (sense any sarcasm?)

You can wear them anywhere, to a funeral, when you are in labor, on the verge of a mental breakdown and still look fabulous! They’re especially great for moms and plus sizers according to the commercial. You can even get as versatile as to roll up the cuff (exposing the pajama like underneath) for a different look.

Sorry men they don’t make them for you….yet, and kids, well, I’m guessing they’ll be some knock off coming out soon for you too! But in the meantime if you want to try Pajama Jeans I won’t tell.Check out the website for more information and even an informative video on how you can get your very own pair of Pajama Jeans and maybe even a cool crew neck free if you call now (or in a week, or a month,) and if you really do try them I want pictures and a full review!!!

Verizon iPhoneNext up is the iPhone for Verizon Wireless, okay okay so it’s not out yet, but word has been that it’s coming out soon, I know I know it’s been a long time coming and no one really knows when but everyone’s so excited so I guess I should be too right?? I have the iPod touch 4G and I love it, and my cell phone too. Of course it would be handy to have the iPhone instead of having two devices but how much will I end up paying for it with my 2 year contract?? We shall see….anyone else super excited about the iPhone and Verizon??

And before I get off here and get myself into trouble I’ll introduce you to one more New in 2011 product so far…one I definitely can use! It’s….Cami Secret. Are your boobs always falling out of your shirt? Do you need to be a little more discrete? Well the solution is here!!

You’re not alone, 1 in 4 women (not an actual statistic) suffer from Cleavage Overload Syndrome (not an actual disease) , better known as COS. Whether you’re hanging out with your teenage son’s friends, leading the choir at church, or signing up for the PTA, you don’t have to suffer with COS anymore! Buy your Cami Secret now and avoid this sticky work situation:

Cami Secret

“You love that low cut top for going out at night but sometimes showing that much cleavage just isn’t right.”  So go get your Cami Secrets now!! Get 6 for $10 and a little tip I learned, when you try to click off the page without purchasing you can get an additional $3 off  using the discount code DISC3 imagine that, 6 Cami Secrets for just $7. (DaddyB really thinks I should buy these, is that a hint??)

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