My Medifast Progress – Week 8

Remember how last week I was sharing about the sickness the B household has been plagued with all of January? Well that statement was fully true. Lil’ C was sick then I was sick, then Lil’ C got sick again, then Miss A got sick, and they’re still battling to get over this super crazy cold or flu or whatever it is.

B Family Sickies

Luckily, I am no longer coughing up a storm during conversations or business call, but my week has been busy taking care of Miss A mostly, and trying to make sure she felt better. On Thursday, although a little pale, she seemed in great spirits and said she felt well enough to go to school, and it seemed so to me too. Unfortunately, around noon I received the call that Miss A just didn’t have the energy to finish out the day. I kept her home today to hopefully rest and get over whatever she has. Pray for us!!

Nonetheless, after the past couple of weeks of not losing weight and then a gain, I was determined to stay on plan this week. Other than a few small snacks that weren’t on plan I enjoyed my shakes, soy crisps, and bars. I hopped on the scale yesterday just to get a good gauge of how things were going, which is usually a motivator for me either way.

Here are my results this week:

Week 8 Final

Beginning Weight: 168.5 lbs Weight
Lost This Week: -3 lbs {starting this week at 158 lbs}
Weight Lost Total: -13.5 lbs
Current weight: 155 lbs
My First Goal: -33 lbs/135.5 lbs {since I’m 33, I thought that was appropriate}
My Final Goal: -16.5 lbs/119 lbs {half of 33}

Check out my thoughts on the Medifast Foods I’ve tried so far:

Energy: Normal. Pant size: 10ish woohoo!!!

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