My Medifast Progress – Week 3

Hello sweet readers! This week was a very hard week for me. The fact that it’s the holidays and dieting don’t really go hand-in-hand, but I had planned to stay “on plan” this week, with maybe a few small treats if that. Unfortunately, life had other plans. As those of you who follow me on Facebook may know, my Father-in-Law passed away unexpectedly two days before Christmas. Thanks to my amazing family, friends, readers, and mostly my faith I have been able to grieve the loss of a great man and know that he’s in a better place.

That being said, I wanted to share because in all of our journey’s and lives there are unexpected tragedies, crazy days, and times that are uncomfortable and challenging for us. I want you to remember that it’s okay if you mess up, and it’s okay to not be hard on yourself, but it’s not okay to forget you. Even in the roughest times we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, whether it’s baby steps like taking a shower, or putting on make up, or making sure we eat healthy or “on plan” or exercising. Grieving doesn’t mean we forget who we are or what our goals are, it just means that it’s okay to not be perfect and we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get ready for a brand new day. Make your life mean something, for your loved ones, and for you!

Stepping off my soapbox this week, I’m not posting a photo of my self this week, but will resume next week. The great news is that I am seeing the results in the way my clothes are fitting. Even though this week was a rough one for me and yes I ate off plan, I skipped meals, I didn’t drink much water, {all the things you are NOT supposed to do in a typical week}, I still lost, and am back on plan as of today, because I matter and need to be healthy for myself and my family too.

Medifast Foods

Here are my results this week:

Beginning Weight: 168.5 lbs {I actually said it, and whoa!! I hadn’t weighed myself in a few weeks, definitely up from where I was}
Weight Lost This Week: -1 lbs {starting this week at 160 lbs}
Weight Lost Total: -9.5 lbs
Current weight: 159 lbs
My First Goal: -33 lbs/135.5 lbs {since I’m 33, I thought that was appropriate}
My Final Goal: -16.5 lbs/119 lbs {half of 33}

Foods I’ve tried so far:
Medifast Vanilla/Mocha/Dutch Chocolate(ready to-go) – {LOVE THESE}
Medifast Cheese Pizza Bites {I may have to get used to these}
Medifast Carmel Nut Bar {I really like these, although I can only have 1 a day on my current plan.}
Medifast Mac & Cheese {this new meal is a little bland but with some pepper not bad}
Medifast S’mores Bars {these taste “buttery” to me, in a good way}
Medifast Chocolate Crunch Bars {I like these}
Medifast Sloppy Joe {reminds me of chinese food, not sure about the aftertaste or texture though}
Medifast Peanut Butter Soft Serve {smells delicious, love the texture but not the taste}
Medifast Cereal Crunch Cinnamon & Brown Sugar {me no likey}
Medifast BBQ Bites {surprisingly I really like these, they remind me of Hot Fries}
Medifast Brownie {not bad, not super flavorful and a little vitamin-y}
Medifast Chocolate Chip Pancakes {the chocolate chips helped but I didn’t like the texture}
Medifast Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks {didn’t love the texture but drank with a lot of water and it was edible}
Medifast Calorie Burn Strawberry Lemonade Flavor Infuser: {Yummy!! I’m not a fan of green tea or juices really but this is great, and helps me get my water in too!!}
Medifast Cappuccino: {Not bad, I really enjoyed this and it was filling}

Energy: Feeling like I gained some of my energy back but had a few early nights due to our week’s events.
Pant size: 12ish

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