My Baby 3 & Friends DS Review

In case I don’t have enough babies and kids in my life I agreed to review My Baby 3 and Friends on the Nintendo DS system.

I have previously reviewed My Baby: First Steps here: and was very interested to see if the two were different and how they compared to each other.

I was delighted to see that My Baby 3 and Friends was significantly different than it’s predecessor. The goal of this video game is similar, you teach “your child” skills that you would in real life, however taking care of “baby” is very different. If you are looking for a game where you bathe, diaper, and do general baby duty then you’ll want to stick with My Baby: First Steps.Miss A helped me test the game, she’s in love with the Nintendo DS because it’s a lot like her LeapFrog Explorer. First thing first, when it comes to game like these you set up your character, in My Baby 3 and Friends your character is baby. You get to pick their look, clothes, and name.

Once you get playing there are certain tasks that you will help your baby accomplish, like learning how to play on the playground, meeting a new animal and interacting with puppy, and typical baby motor skills like puzzles and stacking. You can go shopping for decorations, clothing, and toys too, and while you don’t actually perform/play baby care you do get to watch a mini-clip of your baby being fed, changed, bathed, and put to bed. In this game there are also the typical My Baby contests in this game where you submit photos of your baby in the required clothing. And Miss A’s favorite you can give your baby lots of loving, hugs and kisses are free!

My Baby 3 and Friends Screenshot

My Baby 3 and Friends is great for all ages and through some quick research I’ve found children from ages 3 to adults love this game. So, it’s great for a number of audiences and has some re-playability since you can change your character, but that’s pretty much it. I guess you could always trade-in this game for credit towards the latest of the My Baby line since they’re always coming out with newer versions.

The graphics are the usual for this line of games, nothing that will, “wow” you, but not horrible either. If you like simulation games or the My Baby game line then you’ll really enjoy My Baby 3 and Friends.

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