Momnesia Mondays: Sick Kids

Momnesia MondaysWelcome to today’s Momnesia Mondays, in case you didn’t read my first post here it is: basically each Monday I’ll be writing a post on my Momnesia, in hopes that maybe I can feature your Momnesia moments as well! Momnesia means that time in our lives when we say we’ll always or never do something and because we’re parents and go through different experiences our opinions change. In my personal opinion having Momnesia is good, it means there’s growth and acceptance going on.

This week’s topic is on sick kids. With cold and flu season in full effect this is certainly a hot topic. I see parents with sick children everywhere I go, the store, the bank, play areas, and even at activities we attend. The runny noses beget the coughing and the coughing begets the sneezes, then tissues are flying. Unfortunately, I am no stranger to kids with colds and while I used to be the mom who kept her sick kiddo home 24/7 until she was sniffle free, even if it did take 3 weeks that’s just not an option for me anymore.

I’m the mom that’s baby has a crusty nose while she throws boxes of tissues and lunch meat in the shopping cart, I’m the mom that’s kids are coughing away in the back seat of the car even though they’ve been cold free for weeks, and I’ll admit sometimes I feel like other parents are looking at me, just like I looked at “those” parents wondering why the heck I’d bring my kids out.


Just like some of you I’m sure you can commiserate with me when:

  • you have not one edible item in your fridge and HAVE to go grocery shopping
  • your kids really aren’t sick but they just sound like it
  • your use the “I think they’re teething” line, even when you know they’re coming down with a cold, come on you know you do it!
  • you’ve been stuck in the house for 2 weeks with sick kiddos and get yet another round of sickness
  • you’re so over cold and flu season and can’t wait for the fresh spring air

So whether your son’s runny nose is teething or not, I promise I won’t judge you, but know that I may spray my kid down with Lysol and hand sanitizer after our encounter 🙂 and won’t be offended if you do the same to me too!

Have a Momnesia Moment?? Send it to me at mommybknowsbest{at}gmail{dot}com and I’ll review it for an upcoming Momnesia Monday post!

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