Momnesia Mondays: Romance?

*Hey everyone, just a quick aside, I had planned on launching the redesign for MommyB Knows Best this morning, however due to circumstances beyond my control, (my designer/coder aka DaddyB got sick this weekend) I won’t be unveiling the new look. However, I did say February 14th, so I’m still hoping to launch my changes today, but it may not happen until tonight. I apologize for those of you who’ve been anxiously awaiting the changes, like myself, but I’m sure you all can understand especially during this {fun} cold and flu season. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you’re still really excited because I know I am!!* …Now back to your regularly scheduled post…

Momnesia MondaysHappy Valentine’s Day to those of you who celebrate. Hope you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve, have starry eyes, and are enjoying your flowers and chocolates. I know personally and may have heard through the grapevine from other parents how this day of LOVE has changed, er evolved throughout the years.

B.C. (before children) Valentine’s Day used to be a day full of wondering what fun plans were in store for the day. Would I receive flowers and candy or another thoughtful gift? The days leading up to V-Day, even if I was single, were even more fun. For some reason I really love celebrating holidays, not every single one, but the “bigger” holidays are fun and give me an excuse to use my creative wiles during the year.

I love plotting and scheming {in a good way}, and past Valentine’s Days I have celebrated in a few different, creative ways. One year I gave a bag of everything red to one of my boyfriends. I’ve made the goofy crosswords, and coupons, post-it notes, I know sappy, but it’s fun at least once a year right?

One year, I won a “year’s supply” of Hershey candy, which of course they sent me ALL AT ONCE, totally normal. So basically I had 365 candy bars sitting in my dorm room, thinking back I probably should have set up shop and started selling the candy bars, but instead I gave all of my Twizzlers out with a handcrafted Valentine’s Day note through our intra-campus post office, I swear about 50% of everyone on campus got one!

MomnesiaFast forward to today, now that I find myself busy with 2 children, a husband, and work I find it harder to be so fun and creative during holidays like these. Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband dearly, and that same crazy young love passion isn’t quite the same, but that’s because our love has changed, in a good way.

It’s funny to see that in some ways, we’ve become the married with children couple {not talking Peg and Al here}, but funny enough we discussed this weekend what we’re going to get each other for Valentine’s Day, I have yet to make DaddyB a card, I opted to not buy one this year, but plan on doing some fun things during the day with the girls for their Daddy. I think perhaps my holiday fever hasn’t really gone, it’s just refocused on the kids. We got them little Valentine’s gifts, and Little Miss A can’t wait to get crafting this morning. So, I’ll settle for passing the holiday traditions on to my kids, and even writing this post has pushed me a little to do something just a little extra for hubby today.

Have your Valentine’s Days changed since marriage? children? Or do you still celebrate the same way? What are fun, unique things you like to do for this holiday??

In case you’re confused about my “Momnesia Mondays” post here’s what I have intended this section to be:

I really want to let everyone, parents and non-parents alike know it’s okay to think one thing and do another once you become a parent. I think that’s really the true spirit of momnesia. There were many things I swore I’d “NEVER” do when I became a mommy that I find myself doing all the time, or even moments that I’ve looked at someone and rolled my eyes only to do that exact same thing with my child. Really in parenthood, whether we like it or not, some things just work for our children and some don’t.

My mommy motto is, “No matter what, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else you really just have to do what is best for your own family.” So I hope you’ll take a moment, ready my Momnesia Monday posts, think about some situations where you’ve had momnesia, dadnesia, kidnesia and maybe even share some stories here too. Check back each Monday for some Momnesia favorites from me, your very own MommyB Knows Best.