Momnesia Mondays: Yesterday Part I

Momnesia MondaysGone are all the endless days of being me, now that I’m a mom I don’t have to just be a mom, but I’m finding I can’t be me pre-kids either, so what’s a mom to do?

I say it’s all about reinventing yourself. My hair has changed, my body has changed in more way than I ever thought it would and with Momnesia Mondays my point of view has changed.

There are things you think you’ll never do or say when you become a mom, but are there ever look back and wish hadn’t changed? I for one have many, but for the good of the cause (being motherhood,) I’d give it all up again in a heartbeat.

Here are some things I miss, but not enough to trade in my two beautiful blessings.HAIR– Not unlike a lot of moms my hair has changed AC (after-children), and with that I am still trying to figure out what hair type I have, some of my hair is wavy and other parts are straight, which makes for a very funky hairstyle, that is when/if I do my hair. Sadly enough my hair is often down for .25 minutes and then up in a ponytail it goes, out of Baby C’s reach, away from the multiple meals I’ll prepare, and guarded, (a little,) against any flying projectiles, whatever they may be.

BODY– I never did appreciate my BC (before-children) body as much as I miss it now. Not only am I heavier after the girls but my actual hip bones are in a different spot, my feet have changed, and we won’t discuss my poor boobs, we’ll just leave it at that. The one consolation is that this body has showed me that it’s pretty amazing, being pregnant alone is such a big feat and I have the battle wounds to prove it!

PursesPURSES– Occasionally, on the “far and few between” moments I get a night out with the girls, I take a deep breath in and remember what it was like to be just me. I carried a purse, with all of my own stuff in it, I didn’t have to carry things for anyone, not for spills, potty, or feeding and I know they’re out there but I have yet to find a diaper bag that has been as cute as any of my pre-baby purses.

FREEDOM– The freedom to hop out of the car and run into a convenience store, the ability to just grab my keys and go, and the freedom to stay out at late as I wanted and sleep in as long as I needed are long gone. (But whenever I am without the girls I always feel like something is missing.)

PRIVACY– Going to the bathroom used to be so overrated until I had to start leaving the door open or better yet have an accompaniment of entertainers, cross-examiners and just plain jibber-jabber-ers to keep me busy. Neither potty, nor shower, nor hand washing shall commence without the assistance of Little Miss A and following suit recently, Baby C. And although Miss A is starting to request her own privacy that doesn’t mean that she’ll be easing up any on mommy.

To be continued…..

MomnesiaThe above are only a few of the things I miss, being a mom now, but like I said I wouldn’t trade any of them for my girls. Secretly I delight in stealing away the moments when Baby C wants to snuggle and enjoying the conversations and laughs that Miss A gives me, even if I am trying to blow dry my hair. My girls, my family, are my life, my new life as MommyB and I’m content with that.

What are some pre-mommy/pre-daddy things in your life that you miss??