Momnesia Mondays

Momnesia MondaysBaby C has been doing great with solids (pureed) although she normally gags at anything green at least I can get some sweet potatoes and carrots in here and there.

I’ve always been a little skeptical of parents saying, “my baby doesn’t want baby food, they just want to eat what I am eating.” Often times I think they just don’t want to buy baby food out of cost or convenience. Now, I’m not talking about making your own baby food necessarily, I’m talking more about what’s on the parents plate at dinner time.

MomnesiaWell, guess what, I had a Momnesia Moment! I was eating mashed potatoes, (red skinned, garlic if you must know) and Baby C was eating her chicken and sweet potatoes baby food, well wouldn’t you know I got a lot of hollering and fussing from her every time I put my food into my mouth. I gave her a bite of the creamy mashed potatoes (can you tell I’m Irish yet? ) and she’s so her mother’s daughter, loved them!

Jarred Baby Food

Being the mommy that I am, I gave her a few more bites of the potatoes and then back to the chicken and sweet potato puree, but much to my surprise she swatted them away…flying all over the kitchen stove and mommy. This back and forth went on for a while, I finally got to sneak in a few bites of her own food in between potatoes and ended up not completely covered in baby food, luckily.

But I did learn one thing, when people say their baby’s only want what their parents are having….it may just be the truth.

What’s your child’s favorite food? Did they ever want “real” food over baby food?