MommyB’s Q-Vids Intro

MommyB's Q-Vids

Okay y’all (as they say so quaintly down here in the South,) I’d like to introduce you to one of my newest blog features since my redesign….MommyB’s Q-Vids!! Hooray, I’m super excited! Since this is the first ever Q-Vid I’ll tell you a little bit about them and then you can grab your favorite movie snack and watch the short snippet of me, MommyB.

~I had been interested in trying my hand at “vlogging” aka video blogging for a little while and one of my great readers, Jenell emailed me with a suggestion to ask you, my readers, questions about life, the hard stuff, and things that would get people thinking. So, I decided that instead of traditionally writing a post I would create a segment where I ask you the question, it’s a little more personal that way too, don’t you think? Thus was born: MommyB’s Q-Vids.

So each week (please don’t hold me to this) or so, I will be hopping on here with my blue-eyed self to ask you a question, it will be a random question, (I’d love suggestions if you’d like to comment or email me,) in hopes that you will take a moment to leave a comment in the form below the post.

I’m really excited to hear what you have to say, and again, don’t forget I’ll be featuring a couple of my favorite answers from you next week, so make sure you comment away and share with your friends too! Thanks again for being great, and loyal readers!! I’m so blessed!

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