MommyB and Me – Breakfast

At breakfast this morning, I was trying to think of something cute to add to my blog, something both moms, dads, and hopefully their kids would like too. As I was munching on my delicious vittles, I thought how fun it would be to do tips for parents to use and for parents to use to trick have fun with their kids.

So since I was in the middle of the “most important meal of the day,” I figured I would start my first MommyB and Me post with just that, BREAKFAST!!

MommyB and Me


Dear <insert parental moniker here>,

Today we will be focusing on the cakey Breakfast delicacy some refer to as the: Pancake. I have so cleverly thought of a couple of tips to make your cakes from the pan even more delicious, unless of course you are a crazy person and actually make them from scratch.

MommyB Tip #1 – When using pancake mix, always, always add at least 1 egg to your batter even if the recipe instructions do not call for it. I promise this will add fluff to your pancakes and even add a little bit of moisture for come-back-for-seconds, thirds, fourths,  pancakey goodness. (And yes I know pancakey is not a word)

MommyB and Me ButterMommyB Tip #2- If you are the pancake flipper person I suggest buttering your pancakes after the first flip when they are still on the griddle so the butter will spread evenly as opposed to putting a pat of butter on the pancake stack just to have 1 spot, (typically the middle) all buttered up.

Now to the “Me” segment. This is the part where fun comes to the party. Here are a few tips that will make your little and big ones crack a morning smile.

MommyB and Me Pancakes

Me Tip #1- After making sure your child is not allergic, ie. swelling up like a balloon, add a few drops of food coloring straight into your mixing bowl full of batter. Your kiddos will worry wonder what you’ve done to their pancakes andyou may even have color requests every pancake day after.

Little Miss A and I had green pancakes and she was thrilled to tell her daddy. My mother on the other hand was surprised that I was coloring anything green as far as Saint Patrick’s Day is from today. Oh the nerve of me!! 😉

Me Tip #2- Using a small tipped squirt bottle, (can be found in craft and baking aisles,) create fun shapes and even faces for your children to Oooh and Ahhh at even if you have no artistic talent! Make sure you connect all of your squirts and make sure your first and last squirts are only a few seconds apart, otherwise you may get a Technicolored pancake, and if that’s what you’re going for re-read Me Tip #1.  *I’ve cut my squeeze bottle tip at a 45 degree angle for faster flow.

And there you have it folks, my first MommyB and Me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and Happy Pancaking (I think that actually is a word)! I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips for breakfast and can’t wait to hear from you! What tips and tricks do you have to make your breakfast even tastier, sillier, or just plain fun??

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