Miss Bug’s Boutique – Adorable Children’s Play Jewelry

Miss Bug's Boutique

Baubles, glitter, and all things girly is exactly what Miss Bug’s Boutique is made of! If you have a girly-girl, or know a little lady who loves to dress to impress, she’ll love one of Lesley Swanson-Stamper’s creations. Lesley took a few minutes to answer some questions about Miss Bug’s Boutique and her creations.

Why did you start this business?

I started this business because I have a strong need and desire to be creative. I also LOVE accessories…not just for myself, but for my daughters’ to wear with their outfits too. Having 2 children and being a stay at home mom, I have found it is so rejuvenating to have something I can do in my down time..a creative outlet so to speak. I think all mom’s, regardless of whether their role is a working mom or an at-home mom, we all need an “outlet”. This is mine!

Where did the name come from?

The name of my shop. Miss Bug’s Boutique, came from “back in the day”. In toddlerhood, all of my dad’s softball league friends, their wives, and eventually all my family, called me Miss Bug. I thought it only fitting to name the shop that because after all, my designs are perfect for a toddler too! Although, I have to say, I was such a tom-boy when I was little, that I may not have actually worn something like this. As I’ve gotten older I have also gotten girl-ier.

What is the best age for one of your creations?

Probably the best ages for my creations actually depends on the purpose. If you want a necklace to be used for something like a photo-shoot, then any 6month old up to 12 year old could wear them. However, if you’re talking every day fun-wear, playing dress-up, etc. Then I would say 2 might be a great age to start at..otherwise they may just chew them off!

What is the average price of your hand-made jewelry?

Prices range from $20-$24 for pre-made pieces, and $25-27 for custom pieces.

Where can readers buy their own creation from Miss Bug’s Boutique?

Through my Facebook shop http://www.facebook.com/MissBugsBoutique or email: nlmaks2@comcast.net

You can tell that Lesley’s heart is in her business as she strives to provide the best quality, and customer service she possibly can. Part of the fun of her job is that she is continually on the hunt for quality pieces to add to her creations & unique materials. In all her efforts, she wants customers to feel appreciated and valued.

My girls were in for a treat when they received their cutely packed Miss Bug’s Boutique creations. Here they are before their new owners made them theirs:

Miss Bug's Boutique Creations

 and here they are adorned with their jewels:

MommyBKnowsBest Miss Bug's Boutique

Lil’ C did end up breaking part of the clasp of her necklace after being very rough on it, however with any type of children’s jewelry no matter what the brand or warnings I always think that parents should keep an eye on their kiddos, especially the younger set. Safety first!! I’ll head to the local craft store to see if they have a quick fix, if not Lesley, again with her amazing customer service has offered to fix it at no charge.

I received Miss Bug’s Boutique products in order to review these items and write about them in this post. All opinions and thoughts in this post are my own, however yours may vary.