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You’ve definitely seen a movie like this before, but you haven’t seen it done this well. With great characterization and witty dialogue Marvel’s The Avengers rises above just another super hero action film.
Marvel's - The Avengers

Five Movies and Four Years In the Making

The Avengers assembles an all-star team of super heroes in a fun and entertaining movie. Marvel’s been laying the groundwork for this movie for years as supporting characters have been in cameos and after-the-credits scenes of four different movie franchises. Government agents Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) have worked there way into subplots for several years now. We’ve also seen Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) in Thor and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) in Iron Man 2. For geeks like me who’ve been following this closely, the payoff is a long time coming and the product more than delivers. If you’ve been following the movies, it was cool seeing how the writers have weaved Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor‘s plot lines together.

Fine For People Who Haven’t Seen the Other Movies

While it’s been neat to watch the crossovers come together, you don’t need to have seen every movie in these franchises to enjoy The Avengers. Through the great dialogue and character interactions you can quickly pick up the character’s personalities, motivations, and a bit of their back story.

The Plot – Surprise! Aliens Want to Invade Earth Again

The Avengers are brought together by a potentially World-ending, but also pretty tired threat. Thor’s evil brother Loki wants to help bring about an alien invasion. While that’s a clear and present danger throughout, and its the reason Nick Fury assembled the group, getting them to work together proves to be just as much of a challenge as the villain’s maniacal plot. There’s nothing new or all that interesting in the threat itself. There’s plenty of action, but The Avengers is more of a character driven story and the real interesting part is how the characters handle the stress of war and attempt to work together.
Black Widow - Avengers Movie

The Story Telling – Everyone Gets Their Moment, Everyone

A piece that will be overlooked by many was the awesome story telling. As a writer and follower of the movies, I really appreciate the seemingly impossible product. It was incredible that Joss Whedon and Zak Penn were able to tell a story with an ensemble of characters where pretty much everyone got to shine at some point. Amazingly, with such a large cast, none of the main super heroes completely took a back seat. The writers found an interesting way to involve everyone equally and still keep the story moving AND still insert plenty of action. For example, take Scarlet Johansson’s character (Black Widow). Usually in a movie like this she’d be the focus of some romantic sub plot or be the heart of the team. Her character Black Widow is feminine, but also an integral part of the team, that has plenty of action scenes and a major role in the plot.

What Makes Avengers So Great – The Dialogue As Egos Collide

At the end of the day, The Avengers was just a very entertaining movie. I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed the action sequences and battles, but I was pleasantly surprised by the humorous dialogue that kept the plot moving and had the packed theater rolling at times. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) carries many of the comedic moments, but everyone produced a chuckle. Unlike the X-Men movies (which I loved), The Avengers has a much lighter overall tone. There’s no social commentary bubbling under the surface. So, the writers have fun with the characters as they poke fun at each other, their costumes, their origins, and challenge each other mentally and physically.

Verdict – Great Characterization Lifts Avengers Above Just Another Super Hero Action Movie

As a former comic book geek that doesn’t miss a super hero movie, I loved the battles. As in comic books, there are even plenty of good guy vs. good guy fights. And the story makes the motivations for those brawls pretty believable. Of course, there’s also a massive showdown (seen in the commercials) with the alien army. That battle, like the rest of the movie, includes more great dialogue, characterization, and humor at times.

From the trailers many may think The Avengers will be another Michael Bay-esque mindless, explosion-a-thon, but that’s not accurate. Unlike many big action movies where you don’t really care about the characters, with The Avengers, the audience will connect with and root for an unfrozen WWII super soldier (Captain America), a billionaire, playboy, genius (Iron Man), a god-like warrior from another World (Thor), and a fugitive scientist that turns into a big green monster (Hulk). I highly recommend The Avengers to any fan of action movies, super hero movies, or just big, fun Summer blockbusters! Head to the theater, sit back, relax and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.


Note – The 3D was good, but I don’t think it was worth the extra cash. I typically only pay for 3D movies that were actually shot in 3D (like Avatar). When I see it again, I’ll be seeing it in 2D.

I received tickets in order to review this movie, however, the opinions expressed in the post above are my own. Your opinions may vary.

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