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Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand ReviewLet’s Grow: Lend a Helping Hand is a great video hosted by Sprout’s very own Kelly and Chicka. If you’re not familiar with The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout, Kelly Vrooman hosts along with the lovable puppet-chicken Chicka. Kelly and Chicka introduce each children’s show and even give awards to the show’s characters for their good behavior.

Let’s Grow: Lend a Helping Hand features popular Sprout shows like: Barney and Friends, Bob the Builder, Thomas The Tank Engine and more great shows that your child will love, even if they haven’t seen any episodes. Kelly explains that someone who lends a helping hand is someone who helps people. She and Chicka give the viewers lots of ideas on how we can help one another. In this DVD, each show’s episode focuses on a great message that each child should be exposed to: helping others.

In the Barney and Friends episode “Litterbot,” Barney’s pal Riff creates a recycling robot that in the end makes more of a mess than it cleans up. Barney, Riff, and friends learn how to help each other and the environment by cleaning up the playground and using teamwork and some fun songs along the way. I loved this episode because it showed how sometimes we need to rely on other people to help us accomplish tasks. To reinforce the learning experience from Barney and Friends Kelly and Chicka not only give them a “Good Egg Award”, but also make their own Litterbot out of recyclables and teach viewers how to make one as well.

Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand ReviewIn the next episode, Bob the Builder’s “Clean As a Whistle, Bristle,” we meet Bristle, a new team member who is eager to do his job, cleaning up with his brushes. As everyone has lots to do to prepare for the Promenade, Bristle is a little too eager and ends up cleaning too much. Oops! Fortunately Bob and his team work together with Bristle to make the night spectacular.

As Chicka gets ready for the next episode, she dresses like a train conductor for a smooth transition to Thomas the Tank Engine. While this isn’t one of my favorite shows in general, the story behind the episode “Dirty Work” is good. James is chosen to be the one special train with a task at the Festival of Lights and after hearing that he wants to make sure he stays in tip-top shape. All of his train friends have many tasks to accomplish before they can attend the festival. James makes a big sacrifice and ends up covered in fish, coal, and quarry dust, all in the name of lending a helping hand.

This episode shows that even though sometimes we may be reluctant to help out another person because it may not benefit us, or even sometimes put us in a bad situation, that in the end it really is the best thing to do. Definitely one of my favorite stories from the Let’s Grow: Lend a Helping Hand DVD.

Let's Grow: Lend a Helping Hand ReviewWe also see in the episode “Mother’s Helper”, from the show Fireman Sam, the consequences of being too rushed when helping out. When Norman’s mother asks him to do two loads of laundry he figures one will allow him to go play. unfortunately the washer breaks and Mike the Fix-it man comes to help, causing even more chaos because each of the “helpers” in the stories are rushing to the point where they don’t think and cause dangerous situations. Luckily, Fireman Sam and the rest of the brigade are on the job. Sometimes we all need reminders that even though we’re helping we still need to be safe!

In the last episode from Angelina Ballerina, “The Ballerina Ragdoll”, we see that giving things to others can be a way to help out. Angelina donates one of her old rag dolls in an effort to help children in need out. Unfortunately, she thinks giving it away was a big mistake and tries to find the doll. After stumbling upon the already claimed doll, Angelina realizes that in giving up the toy she made another little girl happy.

Whether you’re a fan of Sprout shows or not, this DVD has a quality message with fun shows to enhance learning. It’s certainly a DVD that I could watch over and over again with my children. I think helping others is one of the most important lessons we can learn. I would definitely recommend Let’s Grow: Lend a Helping Hand to anyone I know.

What’s your favorite way to lend a helping hand??

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