Kustom Memories Spotlight

Kustom Memories SpotlightI hope you enjoy my first and last spotlight of 2009. This spotlight features Kustom Memories, a small family owned company focusing on making fun, educational, personalized products for children.

The company is family founded and  Kustom Memories ensures that every product they send out is of the highest quality. Many studies show that when children become a part of what they read, see and listen to it builds confidence and self-esteem while increasing literacy and retention. What a better way to learn than by having fun?!?

Kustom Memories offers:

Personalized Storybooks
Personalized CD-ROMs
Personalized Music CDs
Child Harness Backpacks
Lullaby & Party CDs
Toys For Traveling
Personalized Letters
Name Poems

Miss A and I got to try out a copy of Learning ABC’s with Big Bird! In this book A got to help Big Bird tidy up Sesame Street while on going on an alphabet scavenger hunt. It’s a great book for learning ABC’s and words that start with each letter. I love that the book starts with A and ends with Z, making sure to include every letter. Kustom Memories Spotlight Book Cover

For Oscar the Grouch and the creatively messy kid; each personalized book is bound in washable hardcover. Dimensions are 9″ x 6″ with 24 pages with colorful illustrations and positive messages for every child to learn from. Your child’s name, age, city & state, friends and/or relatives are all mentioned in the story. I love that Miss A smiled each time she heard her name or her friends and think that this will also help her recognize her name as well. I really enjoy that the book also includes a special message from the gift giver on the very first page so it’s not only something the child can appreciate now but they can have it as a keepsake when they grow.

Aside from the great selection of products, one of my favorite features of Kustom Memories is that they offer personalized book fundraisers. It seems like very simple (meaning that a lot of families would love to have these great books in their home), and like a great, fun way to raise some money.

I highly recommend Kustom Memories and their products. Visit them at http://www.kustommemories.com/ and check them out on Twitter. What’s your favorite Kustom Memories product?

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