Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Review #setsoundfree

Thank you Jabra for providing this review product in order to give a thorough review of the Revo Wireless Headphones.

I spend a good portion of my day listening to music or podcasts on my smartphone. Whether I’m in my cubicle, out in the yard on the riding lawn mower, or working out I usually need a soundtrack. So, I was excited to check out the new Revo Wireless Headphones from Jabra.

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Revo’s High Quality, Look, Feel, & Function

It’s neat how the Revo headphones are hinged so that they can be folded to fit inside the included water-resistant pouch. While it can become more compact, it still feels very solid and well-made. I can appreciate the quality put into the design. As MommyB can attest, I’m pretty hard on my electronics. So, it’s good to know that Jabra went the extra mile to make the Revo so flexible and durable.

I really liked the unique and very minimal controls. The right ear cup has touch controls. You trace your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to increase and decrease the volume. The button in the middle is used to play and pause audio, while double-tapping the front and rear allow you to skip tracks. This is not only cool, but also very functional and it works surprisingly well once you get used to it.

Unpacking the Revo, you’ll find a USB cord for charging as well as an audio cord in case you want to connect them like traditional headphones. There’s also the aforementioned pouch that’ll be useful for storing the cords and the collapsible headphones.

Bluetooth & Phone Calls on the Revo

A pleasant female voice walked me through the simple pairing process. Before I knew it, I had easily paired the headphones with my HTC smartphone. The sound was great and I was able to walk about 40 feet from my phone and still hear my music. Other than when I was out of range, the audio never cut out.

Thanks to Revo’s dual microphones and noise canceling technology, MommyB said she could hear me clearly when I gave her a test call. You can also answer, end, redial, and reject calls with the same simple touch controls used to control audio.

Jabra Revo Wireless Review MommyB

Jabra Revo: Sound Check 1, 2, 1, 2

I enjoy a variety of music, but I mostly listen to rock, electronic music, and some hip hop. I was most interested in hearing how some of my indie/progressive rock sounded with these high-quality headphones. I love this type of music for the often complicated layering of varied sounds from live instruments you’d expect, orchestral instruments you may not expect, to synthesizers, turntable scratches, and anything else you could imagine.

The Revo didn’t disappoint. Almost immediately, Revo’s hi-fi, high-quality sound gave my music new life. The bass was the most noticeable difference from the start. It wasn’t overwhelming, but definitely more present than before.

Virtually all of my music sounded better and just more full, almost three-dimensional than before. Specifically, in songs by indie/prog bands like Local Natives, Mutemath, and Muse I heard a few small nuances and supporting background sounds that I didn’t know were there before. My electronic music sounded great too. I listened to Bonobo (more downtempo) and Nero (more upbeat) and they both had a little more dimension to them.

Fine Tuning with The Jabra Sound App

I liked how the headphones sounded from my first try, but I loved how they sounded after I installed the Jabra Sound App. Making changes with the app’s equalizer really helped me enhance the sound even more by choosing the right settings for the music I was listening to. It’s a free app available for both iOs and Android. Make sure you keep your packaging which includes the unlock code for the app.

I’ve always been a big music fan, but until the Revo I didn’t know how much a good pair of headphones could affect the sound of your music. These are high quality headphones that will not disappoint. The Revo will be my go-to headphones when I’m writing or when I want to hear my favorite music at its absolute best.

Learn more about the Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Also, check out this video, to see it in action:

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We received a review sample from Jabra, this in no way reflects the opinions and thoughts written above. Your opinions may vary.