I Heart Jonas DVD Review

I Heart JONAS ReviewWant to fall in love this Valentine’s Day? If you’re already a fan of the Jonas Brothers you’ll be crushing on them even more after you watch the I Heart Jonas DVD. If you’re not a fan, the acting, or lack thereof, may bother you, but in general the storyline is pretty decent for being a tween/teen Disney show.

The Disney Channel TV series JONAS premiered on May 2, 2009.JONAS was created by Roger S.H. Schulman and Michael Curtis, and stars the Jonas Brothers – Kevin, Nick, and Joe – as well as cast members Chelsea Straub, Nicole Anderson, Jon Ducey, and Frankie Jonas, the brothers’ real-life brother. The brothers appear as three members of the fictional band JONAS who try to live a normal life in the face of stardom. The show won the 2009 Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV: Breakout Show.Kevin, Joe, and Nick comprise the Grammy-nominated, American pop boy band Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers first appeared as actors on the Disney Channel as guest stars on the August 17, 2007 episode of Hannah Montana. Shortly after, they were featured in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock.

I Heart Jonas was released to DVD on January 26, 2010 and features seven episodes from the series. The featured episodes include “Karaoke Surprise,” “Love Sick,” “Frantic Romantic,” “The Three Musketeers,” “Forgetting Stella’s Birthday,” “Double Date,” and “Fashion Victim.” As a bonus, the I Heart Jonas DVD includes a magnet with the three brothers’ faces and a special feature titled “You’ve Just Been Jo’ Bro’d: Surprising Jordin Sparks.”

Typically, each episode features a song by the Jonas Brothers. I’m assuming the songs are to help us understand the plot and boost their music’s popularity. Some of their humor comes off more goofy than funny, but then again they are the poster boys for being squeaky clean.

One weird and silly scene shows Joe Jonas singing a supposedly serious song while in the background, his brothers, Nick and Kevin, are dressed variously as movie attendants, milkshake waiters, and disc jockeys. Another random thought about the movie/series that comes to mind: why do the Jonas brothers have fireman’s poles in their house? Yes, poles, plural —three, to be exact. Is this supposed to symbolize their celeb status? Not sure I quite get it. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the many random things thrown into the show.

I Heart Jonas is a must-have for any Jonas Brothers fan. You’ll enjoy every moment of watching the brothers and will grow even more in love with them. If you’re not into the Jonas Brothers then you may want to skip it for lack of any other redeeming qualities.

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