Heelys Not Just for Kids

Girls YellingI am the mom who rolls her eyes at the kids who race through grocery stores playing tag, I’ll admit it I’m big on manners and being respectful of others, is that such a bad thing? I feel like kids can be kids but also be mindful of others at the same time. Thus, one of the reasons why moms like me may not like Heelys shoes. In case you’ve never heard of Heelys, you probably don’t live on planet Earth, but they are shoes with wheels in the bottom, aka skate shoes, and have been very popular with children especially.

Well, now they’re asking moms to try them. I’m a mom, I don’t hate Heelys and secretly thought they would be fun to try out, although DaddyB said I should take out some extra liability and life insurance before attempting to manuver on Heelys.

My first few tries at Heelys were slow going, of course I wanted to make sure I didn’t die seeing that I still need to work on my will, and the girls would probably miss me. But after a few good tries I was rolling around in the kitchen and dining room.

Where will I wear my Heelys? Again because I personally feel that Heelys are appropriate for certain locations I will not wear the wheels in places like grocery stores, church, my daughter’s school. However, when I take the girls to the park I am totally down for using them. Here is a great resource from Heelys for Responsible Skating Guidelines: http://www.heelys.com/media/PDFs/Heelys_Responsible_Skating_Contract_FINAL.pdf

My overall thoughts

  • Visually – Heelys look cool. If you are not one to wear normal skater or converse-type shoes then Heelys may not be for you, however if you’re considering wearing Heelys in the first place you probably fit the style. Here are a couple that I really liked (Wave and Dash) and one shot of mine {Sassy, appropriately named if I do say so myself}:
Heelys Wave Skate ShoeHeelys Dash Skate Shoe
Heelys Sassy Skate Shoe
  • Comfort– In my opinion, I would totally buy these just as sneakers, they are that comfortable. They fit snug around my feet, which is great for fit and of course for skating safety too. They are easy to get on and off {the shoes themselves, we’ll talk about the wheels in another bullet.}
    • Use– Once you learn how to skate and get the hang of it these shoes are fun and great exercise {because you’re lifting up your toes and engaging your leg muscles}, my only wish was that the wheels somehow snapped into the shoe for storage {like I had actually assumed they did before I saw a pair,} however I know that may not be possible with how the shoe is engineered. For me it was a little difficult to snap the wheels into place, but almost impossible for me to snap the wheels out, not for strength but for getting the right leverage and angle to snap them out. My husband got them out a little easier, but even he had to take a few shots at it.

Also, you have to remember you’ll be carrying the wheels with you if you don’t intend to wear them during your entire outing, so plan on bringing a backpack or bag with you so you don’t have to carry them in your hands or pockets. {a tad inconvenient.}

Also, here’s a clip of me showing off the first pair of Heelys I received on one of Charlotte’s local news stations WCNC. Mention is around minute marker 2:14 if you want to skip ahead.

So honestly I love them, I like wearing them as a shoe, mostly because of the look {that I don’t see many people replicating as far as the Sassy design goes,} and they are comfy, and as an added bonus if I know I am going to want to roll wherever our destination I can bring the wheels too. I’m not sure how much I’ll be using the skating feature of the Heelys, especially when I’m with my kiddos, but I love that it burns extra calories. I would totally recommend them and they’re a decent price for sneakers with an average MSRP of $54.99

If you have kiddos and you are thinking about buying some for them consider this: Heelys HX2 is great for beginners or young children because it has 2 wheels and acts as a training-wheel system. You can remove one wheel once the child starts to feel more comfortable Heeling. {I wish they made them for adults too.} and……..

Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special!! Between Nov 25-Nov 28, Buy any pair of Heelys, get the second pair for $25. Or buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders! Wahoo!! Check them out here: http://www.heelys.com and on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/heelys

Would you ever try/buy a pair of Heelys for yourself? How about for your kiddos?

I was provided with a pair of Heelys in order to complete this review. The opinions expressed in the post above are my own based on my personal experiences with Heelys skate shoes, yours may vary.

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