Healthy Hydration with Omega Infusion

If you’ve been checking out my latest health related posts you’ll see that I am constantly working on staying hydrated. If only I drank water like I craved chocolate I would be in good shape.

With my recent health goals, of getting more rest, staying away from high calorie foods, and getting more active, my outlook on what I put in my body is changing. I know certain minerals and vitamins are good for me and as a mom I want to seek those things out and consume food and drinks that will benefit my body in a positive way.

I recently heard about Omega Infusion, and how it contains 80mg of healthy Omega-3s (EPA/DHA) with natural energy, {which I am always in need of} from B vitamins and antioxidant vitamin C. Which one of us couldn’t use some natural energy and antioxidants?!?

Omega Infusion Mom and Kids

Plus, the FDA qualified health benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids, found in Omega Infusion, is a reduced risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Not to mention the list of other, potential benefits of Omega-3’s, including:

  • Improvement of cognitive function in both children and adults {could use any help I can get here}
  • Help with psychiatric disorders such as depression {always up for a mood boost}
  • Increased mental focus and motivation {focus, er, what were you saying}
  • Reduced stress levels and mental fatigue {stress?! parents don’t have stress….okay maybe a little}
  • Reduced macular degeneration {psst this one is about vision}
  • Strengthened red blood cells which may improve blood pressure, heart rate and vascular function
  • Possible anticancer benefits
  • Potential to counter inflammation
  • Higher level of satiety and appetite reduction – {Yup I need this}

I figure since I have to get my water in anyway, why not make sure it’s chock-full of goodness, in fact, why not strive for it to be infused {pun totally intended} with goodness?!? Shouldn’t we want the most from everything we’re putting inside our bodies?

Omega Fusion Waters

I encourage you to check out Omega Infusion for yourself and see what you think. This drink comes in two different versions, Infusion Waters and Infusion Shots and is a zero calorie beverage, {hooray!} that is available in several different, yummy flavors. My favorite flavor of the waters is Berry, which I thought was delicious, but my husband didn’t like {he drinks a lot of health waters so I figured he’d be a good person to try them too}, but he doesn’t care for berries in general so it wasn’t a big surprise. His favorite was Fruit Punch, but I think that’s because his childhood drink of choice was fruit punch and he doesn’t drink that flavor anymore, his second favorite was the citrus. So it’s perfect for our household because I can have my flavor and he can have his, no fighting.

Want to stock your family’s fridge??? Omega Infusion products are currently available at Giant Stores, Stop & Shop and HEB stores. If you don’t have one near you I encourage you to tell the company through their Facebook page and Twitter where you live and what grocery stores you shop at.

Also make sure you visit Omega Infusion’s Website, for more information on their products.

Omega Infusion Shots

This is a compensated post, however any opinions in this post are my own honest thoughts. Your thoughts may vary but you can’t knock it, till you’ve tried it, at least that’s what I heard in a song one time.

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