HCG Diet and Parenting

I’m sitting on my couch ready to go through work emails, put up posts on reviews that I’ve been working on and doing some social media. I am a person, who, like some of you, like to have background noise on while I work, and the television landed on the Dr. Oz show.

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I admittedly haven’t watched talk shows since I was pregnant with Little Miss A, in 2006, but in case you missed it today is her first day of preschool. So, as I work I hear more and more about weight loss, {which is something I’m working on right now in lieu of the weight I gained from my pregnancy with Baby C}, and my ears are turned on when I hear, “lose weight” of course.

I have about 25 pounds to get down to a healthier weight which may not seem like a whole lot to some people, but being 4′ 10″ makes every pound count.

On the show, the HCG diet was mentioned. I will point out that I am not an expert on the HCG diet, but one of my blogging friends Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life wrote a great, informative post on HCG – The Facts.

Basically on the diet you super load on calories, {over 3,000 calories a day} the first 3 days prior to the injections. Yes that’s right you have to give yourself a daily shot of the HCG hormone. Once you start the injections you begin your food plan. The food plan with this diet is to eat 500 calories a day, high protein, low carbs, low fat and no alcohol. {Did I mention it’s 500 calories}? Now there are other crazy things associated with this diet {like many other fad diets}, like taking a break to “re-sensitize your body” and the cost. However the part that struck me most was injecting yourself with hormones and basically starving yourself {the average person should consume about three times that amount *this number varies on age, weight, height, activity level and more factors, but is a general idea}.

My problem, being a parent, is how am I to be an example to my girls when they see me doing the HCG diet, or any fad diet for that matter? Yes, I know this can apply to so many areas in life, but that’s exactly why I, personally, am trying my hardest to be an example in all realms of life, because the choices I make will impact their lives. No I am not perfect, no one is, and most of us want the best for our children. I want my children to grow up watching me exercise, be a healthy eater {which I am currently working on}, and have the occasional treat too.

Healthy Kid MommyBKnowsBest

Watching this episode on the HCG diet really made me think about the message I want to send to the girls, and perhaps you as a parent do too. Although it’s not easy for most of us to find time or energy to work out, and sometimes even hard to eat healthy being busy or on-the go; I feel that in the long run if I can impact my girls and encourage them to be healthy from the get-go that they’ll have more of a fighting chance against the genes, and diseases that run on both sides of our families that are made worse by weight gain.

Isn’t seeing mommy and daddy the most impactful way for them to learn anything?

What do you think about dieting and being a parent? Are there ways you are teaching your children to “follow your lead” or are there things that you do that you hope your children don’t inherit?

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