Hartstrings – A Great Source for Holiday Outfits

Holiday pictures, fun Christmas-themed play dates and parties, and festive family gatherings with two girls in tow always requires a hint of cuteness, and of course the girls themselves are adorable, {don’t you agree?} but it doesn’t hurt to have them dressed in the cutest outfits either.

I must admit being a “girl mom”, I enjoy every second of picking out girly clothes. And I’m glad the girls just go with it, {for now at least}. I know it’s not too far off when the girls will be telling me more what they want to wear and less what I think looks adorable, but while I can dress them, I will.

Hartstrings LogoI recently learned about the online clothing shop Hartstrings, and immediately fell in love with their outfits. If you don’t already know I’m a prude when it comes to my girls especially and I make no apologies, I think little girls should be able to dress their age. Hartstrings clothing is age appropriate, stylish, and high quality.

The price point on the clothes as you can see is much higher than a Children’s Place or Carter’s, however so is the quality and style. If I had to compare Hartstrings to a children’s store I would say the pricing and style come close to Gymboree. Hartstrings, however, has hands down, the best quality children’s clothing I have seen in a while.

You know those flimsy, long sleeved t-shirts that you see and buy at every clothing store? The ones you need to have several layers just to stay warm indoors in? How about the ones that you question whether your child should wear and undershirt because it’s so thin you can see through it? Think of those shirts, and then think of the complete opposite and that is the amazing quality of long sleeved t-shirts you can purchase from Hartstrings.

Hartstrings Necklace ShirtWe not only love the quality AND the cut {not to slim or too long}, but the details of the stitching are great too. The designs they put on their shirts can be very simple or more ornate, I love the range. Also, I can tell from the details, of their clothing{I’m a details gal} that Hartstrings is really proud of the work they put out, and I admire companies like that.No outfit would be complete with just a top right? Hartstrings has it all, for boys and girls of all ages. We chose this fun, black, stretch velvet skirt to go with the top. I knew Miss A had to have it because she LOVES to twirl and I could just tell this would be a GREAT twirling dress.

We love the fabric, it’s soooooo soft! The fit was great and lined up with most brand sizes. Our one problem with the skirt is that because this is a “rich” fabric and has lots of layers, and again Hartstrings is using quality materials, the skirt is actually pretty heavy. I know, it’s weird to hear that, but it’s weird for me to say that too. I haven’t really seen or experienced clothes themselves being heavy until now. It’s not a huge issue, especially with my 95% height and weight daughter, however if you have a little peanut like some of our friends this may be something you want to consider and choose a bottom with one or two layers of fabric instead.

Overall, the look of the outfit was really cute and Miss A loved wearing it to church. Here is a picture of Miss A modeling her Hartstrings wear and Baby C {who is not wearing Hartstrings}:

Hartstrings Outfit

I recommended Hartstrings to my friends who were looking for great holiday outfits for family photos, dress up or casual clothes, and will be buying more Hartstrings myself because, again I am just in love with the quality of their clothes. You definitely get what you pay for in this case and in my humble, penny pinching opinion it’s totally worth it.

Head on over to Hartstrings’ website to check out their fun clothing lines for boys and girls from baby to size 16 kids: http://www.hartstrings.com, make sure you sign up with your email for 10% off your next purchase. PS – I also noticed that they are regularly adding new pieces to their “sale” section including in-season pieces, which not a lot of places do, so now is a great time to take advantage of the holiday clothes that are on sale.

If you’re interested check out Hartstrings on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hartstrings and Twitter: http://twitter.com/hartstringskids and feel free to tell them that MommyB from MommyB Knows Best sent you ;)

I received samples of the product mentioned above in order to perform this honest review by MomSelect. All words and opinions are my own true thoughts about the products, however yours may vary.