Handfuls Handprints Review Part II

Handful's Handprints Part IISome of you may have read my Handfuls Handprints Review Part I and if not feel free to click on the link and check it out. Basically, Handfuls is a wonderful handcrafted impression “company” that imprints anyone’s hand or foot print using very fine techniques creating an amazing keepsake.

When we went to pick up our piece Little Miss A was super excited because she though she was doing the imprinting process again. I must confess I loved the process too. Jenny Bertleson, the owner of Handfuls Handprints was very gentle and sweet and made the imprints fun.

I’ve actually tried a few of the in-home kits and dealing with mixing the water and the powder and trying to get Miss A to open her hand and stay still just didn’t work out. We would always end up with a blob that you couldn’t really tell what it was. That’s why I love how the finished product from Handfuls Handprints turned out. I didn’t have to do anything but bring Miss A to see Jenny.

Handfuls Handprints Review Part II

My favorite thing about the piece is the amount of customization we were able to do. Miss A picked out the colors for the glaze, Jenny picked a ribbon to match, and I picked out the cute heart shape. It was personalized with Miss A’s full name, how old she was at the time of the imprint and on the back the exact date. You can choose which hand or foot you want, the colors, shape, what you want the plaque to say and so much more! Definitely something you can’t do with an in-home kit.

I was in shock at the detail of the actual prints, they are beyond what I had expected and I love that they are so well done. You can feel and clearly see each toe/finger line, basically it’s very intricate work that I never would have accomplished doing it any other way. This will be something that I will treasure and look back at for years and years. I’m actually very excited for new baby to join us so that we can get her prints and at some point maybe even a full family set of hands.

I highly recommend any local (North Carolina) families to try out Handful’s Handprints, they have so many choices and price ranges and her work is really worth every penny.