Handfuls Handprints Part 1

Little Miss “A” and I had a fun opportunity to check out Handfuls Handprints in action this weekend. The owner, Jenny Bertleston invited us to create impressions of Little Miss “A’s” hand and foot print. “A” was so excited after seeing the great pictures on Handfuls Handprints Website that she took one of her play plates and started tracing her hand on the plate. Should I be glad she was excited??

I love Handfuls because their finished product is much more detailed compared to a lot of places I’ve seen. A lot of work goes into achieving this pristine look. Jenny uses a specially formulated glaze and repeats kiln firings to brings out the beauty in these custom works of art.

Once we got to Fancy Pants, a super cute boutique in Charlotte we met Jenny. She has a very gentle and sweet personality and is just amazing with children. She took great care to make sure “A’s” hand was placed in the perfect spot.
“A” was so proud to see her hand in the ceramic!
Then we stood “A” up on the table with her mammoth 9.5 size feet and the look on her face was priceless. She was grinning from ear to ear. I’m not sure if it felt neat because it was cold or the fact that she was like a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, perhaps all of the above. I was nervous that “A’s” scrunched toes would make the print look weird, but Jenny’s such a pro at this that she got an amazing footprint.
Here’s Jenny, Handfuls Handprints, owner showing us the amazing work of art. Again, look how “A” is so excited about seeing the product. She even said she wanted to do it again right after we had finished if that tells you how much fun it is for a 2.5 year old.
Here’s the finished (for now) product. Jenny gives you options on colors, text (what you want written on the piece), and even shape options. I think these extras allow you to make the prints even more personal to your own family. We even let “A” pick out her own colors and can’t wait to see what it looks like after it’s done in December. We’ll have an official reveal on the site as well.
Here are a couple of my favorite styles. One with a handprint in a handprint, how precious is that??
And something I am positive I want with baby #2. Aren’t these ornaments simply adorable??
Attention animal lovers!!! Handfuls also does impressions for your favorite pets including but not limited to dogs, cats, and horses.

What would you pick if you had your choice of any of Handful’s products??

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