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Grill for Fun: Ten Best Bbq Hacks That Are a-must-try for This Season

The summers are here ready to pour its heat all over us. But it is still a fantastic season, no? A lot of holidays coming with it gives you countless opportunities to arrange parties and backyard barbecues. We know you started to drool when we came up with the word barbecue, who doesn’t? With the flowers blooming, birds chirping in the soothing environment of gardens, the aroma of luscious meat is a divine blessing.

This great weather is a perfect choice to invite your folks to your house, turn up the volume of music, enjoy cold soothing drinks, and create an ambient environment of fun and party. You can pour glitter over the fun if you have a swimming pool. The show stopper, of course, the delicious food cooked over the barbecue grill will make everyone go crazy.

The combination of fire and smoke is always a beautiful sight to watch. It seems so easy, put up the meat on a grill, light up the coals, smell the sizzling meat, sips some lemonade, and get your delicious food ready. But that’s not the reality. Not everyone has the art of barbecuing. If you want to become a maestro with the flavors and texture, you must follow the tips and techniques by professionals. There are some hacks as well if you use them in your barbecue parties or get-together, you can gather all the praise for yourself.

Ten Best Bbq Hacks That Are a-must-try for This Season
Ten Best Bbq Hacks That Are a-must-try for This Season

There are a lot of food recipes and hacks available for you to have a memorable barbecue. You can delight your friends with lots of different food, cooked that looks appetizing and tastes finger-licking good. Do you want to make your party memorable for a long time? Do you want to make your friends’ mouths watery? Try these astonishing grilled pork rib recipes available to sparkle your party. Here we present you with the ten best barbecue hacks that will make your work less hectic and more enjoyable.


The first and foremost task of barbecuing is preparing your grill. When was the last time you took it out? Did you clean it after using it or was too lazy to give it some post-time? Whatever it is, you should clean it first to get rid of the dust or grime gathered on it. Instead of using a brush, try a half sliced onion. Caress the grill grates with sliced onion to remove all the particles that will create a hassle for you during the barbecue. The acid from it will also help in creating a nonstick surface for you.


 The smoke rising from the coals gives a delightful sight to watch. Getting the coals ready to turn the raw meat into finger-licking food looks easy, but it’s not. If you are an amateur, lighting the fuel is arduous. But don’t worry, you can use an egg carton to help you. Place the coal in the egg sockets and put a fire on it. The package will burn and will aid in burning the fuels already in them. You can also implement this trick if you are on a trip or hiking with friends to avoid the mess.


 We have heard a lot that the sooner, the better. But in case of serving the steaks, you just took out of the grill, is not right. Before slicing it up, let the meat settle for a while to let it get juicer from everywhere. When you grill a steak, the liquid in it gets in the center even if you flip it up several times. So for it to become juicier and tastier, please wait a bit before slicing it.


Barbecue is all about meat. But one thing you can do to add colors and flavors in it is to combine it up with some veggies. The taste of vegetables will induce in the meat to make it more tasty and vibrant. The crisp of veggies, along with a delicious protein, will begin a battle of diverse flavor in your mouth that will amaze you.


Are you preparing some kebabs to give your friends an unforgettable barbecue party? Use these hacks to avoid the troubles. Spray some cooking oil on the skewers then stuff it with your raw kebabs. It will not let the meat stick on the skewers and would slip off with delicacy from skewers. You can avoid the mess by using double skewers to support the meat and refrain from dropping the bits of meat on the grates or the floor. The clumsy pieces of veggies and meat won’t rotate themselves and will follow your orders and time.


 If you have ever seen the professionals playing with the grill, you can notice that they have divided the compartments. There is a hot zone and a warm zone. When the meat is about to get ready, move it towards the warmer side. It helps in spreading the juice to the entire piece and doesn’t let it burn. The vibrant color also remains that increases beauty.


 Always marinate your meat before putting it up on the barbecue grill. All the spices settle down, and when you taste the cooked food, you can enjoy the flavorsome taste in every bite. You can also save up some marinade and apply it to the meat when it is cooking. It will turn into more succulent and add more taste to the divine food that will uplift your soul.


Using chemicals to light the coals is one of the worst things you can do to your barbecue. It will add the pungent smell of the chemicals in your meat that will lead to an unpleasant taste. If you’re facing problems in lighting the coals, pour some sugar on it. It will melt, and the chemicals from it will act as fire inducers without any smell.


If you desire to make food more delicious, condiments are there for you. The only issue with them is that they create a lot of mess if not handled properly. You can use the muffin tin for the condiments. Put each in different compartments and enjoy it to the fullest.


The meat gives it great fun when it’s tender and juicy. The dry spots diminish the real taste. While barbecuing, spray some apple juice to make the meat more succulent. It will also add some light sweet flavor and give the golden brown color that everyone loves.


It is true that when meat and blazing flames come together, it’s the best opportunity to show off. These hacks are convenient to perform, resulting in saving you from many hassles. You can avoid the mini tragedies by utilizing these hacks. You can give a great time to your family and friends by preparing the delicious food on the grill grates with charcoal underneath. So what are you waiting for, invite people, fire up your grill, and have fun!

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