Glimpsing God

Glimpsing God CoverAfter having so many friends dealing with hardships, reading about acquaintances or friends of friends tragedies on Facebook, for me, it’s been very integral in making me thankful for everything that I’ve been blessed with. Yes, there are moments we all want to complain, we want sympathy when we’ve had a long day with the kids or the car breaks down, or things just don’t go our way, and that’s okay, but in the end we are blessed and the book, “Glimpsing God; Snapshots from one family’s enduring faith through unbelievable trials.”  Rachel Alkire’s amazing true story reminder of why we should be thankful for what we have and her family’s personal journey with faith and tragedy.

As Chapter 1 begins there’s no real shadow of what’s to come in the following chapters however Rachel’s faith is presented. I love how she speaks about God being more than rituals and ceremonies and how we’re always looking for the God that fits our “rules”. If anything, throughout this book she shows how the God we are looking for is there for us but in His way, not always the way we are hoping for.

This normal, homeschooling, hardworking, Michigan family survived many trials in less than 2 years, yet kept coming back to God for guidance, help, and support. I am in shock at everything that occurred in such a short time, and won’t give anything away, but I can’t imagine anyone walking away from this book not thanking God for all of the great things in their life.

I really enjoy that, “Glimpsing God” highlights Rachel’s inner voice and even the words that God spoke to her through her questioning Him.

“How are we going to make it through this,” “How could I believe after this happened to my son?”

This style helps the reader to connect on a different level and realize that although Rachel always found her way back to trusting in God, she, like any parent, struggled in tough times.

Grab your tissue box and curl up in a cozy spot while you spend a few hours in Rachel’s shoes and hopefully you’ll have the same attitude as she did in the book;

“Were we rich? Yes, just not in money…”

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