Fresh Beat Band’s Shayna Rose and Liz Shea – 2CARATS Trailer by MommyBKnowsBest

While I was busy at the Type-A conference I had the opportunity to chat with Shayna Rose and Elizabeth {Liz} Shea from 2Carats band. Actually, this was my second time chatting with these lovely red-haired ladies. The first video turned out like this: 

Shayna Rose Marina Elizabeth Shea Interview

It was a straight up mess. Lucky for me Shayna and Liz were very understanding and neither of us wanted their heads cut off in the video {you can’t see their gorgeous smiles that way.} So I created a short trailer featuring “Shayna Rose, who starred as both the original Stephanie Johnson on NBC’s, “Days Of Our Lives,” and Marina on Nickelodeon’s, “The Fresh Beat Band,” and the talented Elizabeth Shea, former Giant recording artist and touring partner of Martina Mcbride.”

Check it out:

What do you think???

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