Fresh Beat Band Season 3 Episodes

The Fresh Beat Band Season 3This past Friday, like many families mine tuned in to Nick Jr.  to watch the season premier of The Fresh Beat Band and see (for the first time), the new Marina. While I was away at the Type-A Parent Conference, I had Daddy B tape the new, season 3 episodes of The Fresh Beat Band for me so I could see for myself.

Here are brief synopsis of the two first episodes and some of my personal thoughts (yes I am being uber critical just so I had something to write on both sides, so if it sounds nit-picky that’s exactly what is, really the episodes aren’t horrible and someone will find something they love and hate in both). Since so many of you are weighing in on the original vs. new Marina issue post that I wrote (you can see here: I thought this would be a great place for you to share your thoughts on the episodes. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, I’m just excited to hear what you have to say.

Graduation Day

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season begin with a graduation, however it seems like production for the Fresh Beat Band has been nothing but different from day one. So to follow suit, in the first episode of season 3, the Fresh Beat Band members graduate from music school. {I feel like this may have been their way to phase out Ms. Piccolo, but why didn’t they do something with introducing the new Marina in this episode too??}

Twist, Shout, and Kiki day dream about their futures after school is out and what careers they’ll take on. Twist wants to fight fires with jelly or a pretzel salesman – astronaut, Shout wants to be a tennis player – conductor, and Kiki wants to be a race car driver -ballerina, but Marina doesn’t know what she wants to be. The Fresh Beat Band tries to help their friend Marina figure out what she wants to be with suggestions like a chef, construction worker, and a chef. In the end, they realize they just want to be in a band with their friends…The Fresh Beat Band.Pepperoni Pizza Jasonlam

We liked: The fact that they didn’t stereotype any particular jobs to certain genders. We actually really enjoy the new, “Here We Go” song that’s been playing a lot and in this episode, my 4 year old sings along every time she hears it, which she did not with previous Fresh Beat songs. I think that the new faster, {maybe a little more “radio-friendly” songs} fit the actors vocals a little better too. I feel like, “Here We Go” has replaced, “Friends Give Friends a Hand” in this season. That they are featuring a person in a wheelchair this season, hoping that they show more diversity throughout the season for children who are watching. And lastly the fact that Shout is no longer wearing shorts!! Hallelujah!

Songs include; “Looking For a Friend Like You,” and “Reach For The Sky.”

I didn’t like: The opening song changes, I think the original song was more fresh and fun personally. So annoyed with the fake smoothies, I guess it’s easier but looks too cheesy IMO. Twist’s rapping {although my husband thinks it’s hilarious and loves it}.

Giant Pizza

A new neighbor is in town and Twist’s nose leads The Fresh Beat Band right to him. Harper (played by Shane Blades), runs the Singing Pizza Cafe – “Where every pizza is served with a song sung acapella (without any instruments).” The theme of the day at the Singing Pizza Cafe is Pirate Pizza day. The Fresh Beat Band volunteer to help Harper open the Singing Pizza Cafe. Twist, Shout, Marina, and Kiki hand out pizza samples, make lots of pizza (including one HUGE pizza to feed the masses) and of course singing a song to the Singing Pizza Cafe customers. Songs include “A Friend Like You,” “Good Times”, and of course their signature, “We Had a Great Day.”. Both of the new songs sound like they are songs from Black Eyed Peas, although I can’t find anything online to prove that they have similar song-writers or producers.

We liked: The pizza guy, Harper, he’s kind of funny, although still trying to feel him out to see if he is a good fit with the rest of the cast. How everyone politely shouted, “Pizza Please.”

We didn’t like: The way the small flying pizzas looked, the mock-pepperonis looked disgusting. Marina as a pirate. Cheesy “favorite things” line by Reed. The fact that they even have the Junior Beats, why not just have the awesome dancing kids just be kids and not have to “look” like any of the older Fresh Beat Band members?

Looks like a new Fresh Beat Band episode is coming up on July 8th, will you be watching?

Did you like either episode? Did you have a favorite? Why did you like the episode or why did you hate it??