Disney On Ice Charlotte – My Experience Opening Night

Last night, my family and I had a night to remember when we attended Disney On Ice Presents: Worlds of Fantasy. Glitter, fire {the good kind}, music, lights, bubbles, ice, and awesome Disney characters filled two-hours worth of amazing entertainment.

Disney On Ice Collage

I kept peeking over at my girls who were enthralled at the show, so much so that neither one of them moved an inch nor wanted to eat any of the yummy Time Warner Cable Arena snacks we purchased, and for my girls, that says a lot. Truth be told, I was pretty enamored too.

I wanted you to see and hear my completely honest thoughts so I made a quick video, enjoy!!

Yes I know I’m a little wacky, especially when it comes to parenting, I want my girls to have long-lasting memories of the time we were able to spend together and I know that this night will be one of them for sure. They talked about the best parts of the show, and who was their favorite character on the car ride home till they both fell asleep.

What’s one family event memory you know your kids will remember or one that you remember as a child??

I received complimentary tickets for my family to attend this event. That being said all the wacky, fun things I said are all my own personal thoughts {if you can’t tell already}. We’re all different though so you may disagree…{but I highly doubt it.}