Dearfoams Slippers {Guest Post}

Dearfoams LogoCall them what you will – house shoes, slippers, bedroom shoes—I call them love. Slipping on my pink terry thongs from Dearform are like wrapping my feet in a hug from a best friend. If I were forced to wear only one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be these house shoes.

As a person that 1) Does not like to wear shoes, and 2) Does not like things sticking to the bottom of her feet, these house shoes fit the bill—perfectly. Unfortunately for me, my husband has put the kibosh on my wearing my favored footwear past the mail box. His philosophy is that, “House shoes are for the HOUSE.”

Dearfoam DF726 Pink Berry StripeThe cushioned soles hold up beautifully to the number of miles I can put on just by simply walking about the house. The thong style emphasizes my love of flip-flops and to not feel confined and overheated by a full house shoe.

I’ve looked at other house shoes in the past and regrettably purchased other brands that promised the same comfort that Dearform slippers offer. My frugal side reasoned that the lesser-priced slippers could not be superior to the Dearforms. Lesson learned, however. Those so-called comparable brands would be somewhat satisfactory for a week or so, but alas, in too-short time the cushioned-sole would have broken down, or a strap would have broken, or some other malady forcing me to purchase an alternate pair.

When I was asked to review a pair of Dearforms, I couldn’t send my reply back fast enough. I knew that these were the Cadillacs of bedroom slippers, and it was my turn to take them for a drive. I will be forever grateful for my chance to give my input. Don’t let the price of the slippers fool you. It is worth the extra investment. The life you will get out of them will only cost pennies in comparison to the cost of replacing multiple lesser-quality brands.

Time will take its toll on my review pair of house shoes. And when that sad day comes, I will mourn until my replacement pair comes.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for writing this post other than the review pair of house shoes/ slippers/bedroom shoes. All opinions, while thought to be true, are mine. I Blog with Integrity.


Heather spends her days (and many late nights) trying to meet the demands of life as a wife, mother, and writer. She blogs about nothing in particular at Cool and Hip, I am Not and is occasionally spotted on Twitter @coolandhip.