Creative Ways to Reveal Baby’s Gender

Boy or Girl GenderThese days there are so many creative ways to make 9 months of pregnancy fun, even through morning sickness, swollen ankles, and stretch marks.

People are really going all out when it comes to announcing their pregnancy, sharing the baby’s name with friends and family, and especially announcing baby’s gender. Here are a few fun ideas on how to share your baby’s gender with friends and family that you may not have thought of yet.

If you yourself want to be surprised by baby’s gender, make sure you have your ultrasound tech write down the gender in a sealed envelope for your accomplice that is helping you reveal the gender.

Whether you decide to host an elaborate, big party, or just invite a few people over for an intimate evening it’s a celebration that you’ll want to catch on camera and video, so make sure someone you know is able to capture the moments and expressions on yours and your guests faces.

Sweet Surprises – Have your favorite baker frost the inside of your cake with pink for a girl and blue for a boy. The surprise comes with the first cut of the cake, and as a bonus everyone gets to enjoy a delicious dessert. If you’re looking for recommendations of bakers who do a great job at this in the Charlotte area email me.

Heavenly Helium – There’s just something about balloons that yell celebration. Recently I went to a gender reveal of my good friend {and Realtor} Kristi, who chose a balloon gender reveal. Kristi lost her mother to cancer not long ago, so this reveal was appropriate as the balloons came out of the box and floated up to heaven. The presence of Kristi’s mom was there as she found out that she too would have a daughter and be able to share those memories with her own little girl. It was an amazing and emotional moment, can you tell??!?! Congrats again Kristi and Z!!!!

Gender Reveal Balloons

Thank you for this photo

The Shirt Says it All – If you want to be discrete let your clothing speak for you. There are shirts and clothing for expecting moms and dads, and even older soon-to-be siblings that will let you tell the world the gender of baby on the way. Or if you really want to get creative you can make your own. DaddyB and I used this method when we wanted to reveal to our family and friends that we were expecting again, it was pretty awesome and Miss A’s shirt was pink, even before we knew we were having a girl, or maybe we subconsciously knew. 🙂

Gender Reveal Sibling Shirt

Isn’t Miss A cute!! {Age 26 months}

Give a Gender Gift – It’s always fun to open presents right? How much more fun would it be to open a gift in anticipation of finding out the gender of a new baby. There are several ways to do this, the obvious would be wrapping something that is pink or blue and giving it to those attending your gender reveal party. Which is fun and does the trick. Here are an original idea I came up with that is more involved but just as fun, {if not more}.

You know those Photo Viewer Key Chains you get from theme parks? You can purchase them from most printers, those pictured here are from our friends at The Dustan Group.  Use a gender neutral color, write your last name, gender reveal and “It’s a…” on the outside of the photo viewer and get creative. You can take some couples photos and put the gender on the photo or just make a fun text image with the color/or words, “girl” or “boy.”  It’s a great souvenir of the day and a nostalgic item for when that child is older.

Photo viewer key chain

Thanks to The Dunstan Group LLC for this image


So no matter how you choose to share the gender of your unborn baby enjoy the all the little moments in pregnancy and those that follow. They go by so fast and you can never get those moments back, have fun, and congrats!!

What ideas have you used or seen for Gender Reveal Parties?