Count Me Healthy Bracelets

This just in…”Mommy Brain” is now the largest pandemic in new and seasoned mothers. Symptoms have been known to elevate with addition of children, multiples, lack of sleep, eating any sort of food, leaving the home, or breathing air. Infected mothers may experience loss of brain function. EG: forgetting your conversation mid-sentence, placing non-food items in your refrigerator, looking for your phone when you are ON the phone, forgetting where you dropped the kids off, remembering to thaw dinner, and basically while doing anything in life.

Okay, maybe I got a little carried away, but only a little. I know for me, mommy brain or basically just being busy and having my mind pulled in a million different directions really effects my memory. Because my proverbial plate is pretty full I keep 3 calendars, have a white-board to-do list, purchase birthday cards and gifts in mass amounts, and try to stay proactive, but even with all my efforts to stay on top of the pile there are still things I forget. Personally I hate feeling like the flaky mom, but moreover there are the important things I have missed/forgotten which really eat me up.

One product I recently heard about that will contribute to thwarting the “mommy brain epidemic” are these really cute bracelets called, Count Me Healthy Jewelry.

Count Me Healthy Bracelet

I received a bracelet to try out and was so excited about the concept. Basically, you use the metal balls to count anything like how many cups of water you drink in a day, or to keep track of eating your vegetables. Each bracelet comes with 12 small movable balls, although my bracelet the balls were a little hard to move, but this did make them stay put once I got them to where they should be. I like that the Count Me Healthy bracelets are adjustable to fit any wrist size and that they offer different metals and styles if you’re looking for a gift for a woman who’s not a mom too. I encourage you to check out their website and shop here for a nice treat for yourself or a great gift to help a special woman defend herself against the effects of “Mommy Brain”!!

What products or tricks do you use to combat “Mommy Brain”? {Personally, I’d love some tips!!}

I received my very own Count Me Healthy Mommy and Me bracelet in order to give you my honest opinions of the product. This post contains my original words, witty humor, and a little bit of sass, and it’s all mine. Your thoughts and opinions of this product may vary, but I’ll still love you if they do.