Cool Children’s Photo Alarm Clock by Zazoo Kids

ZAZOO Photo Clock helps kids and parents get more sleep. It’s an innovative sleep solution for children who wake too early or do not stay in bed all night. Parents can use the pre-programmed images or personalized options set to an alarm time, and the screen will give children visual cues when it’s time to get out of bed. The photo clock grows with your child with features including a rotating photo frame, music, audio book, alarm clock and more.

Miss A is extremely interested in time and constantly asking questions about the time. “What time is it?” “What time do I have to go to bed?” “When can we work on crafts?” With the Zazoo photo clock I love that I can give her a time and she can check her clock and make decisions based on how much or little time she has.

Not only is this product a traditional clock but it is also an alarm clock.

Miss A is a very bright little lady, but often struggles with the concept of time, just like most kids her age. Especially since being at home with me for several years, on a light schedule and being able to play, come and go as we pleased. I love the fact that this photo clock offers an alarm and also offers a change in image when the alarm goes off to help let Miss A know when it’s time to wake up or time for rest to be over.

Not only is this product a traditional clock but it also features images.

The Zazoo Kids clock allows you to choose standard images from their collection (already on the device) or you can upload photos of your child or family or whatever images you choose from your computer directly to the clock.

To get your kiddos even more involved in the process and helping them understand the transition, consider taking a photo of your child resting and one of them wide awake and using those images for your rest and awake settings.

Not only is this product a traditional clock but it is also plays music that is already stored on the device or songs that you upload from your personal computer. My little girls love to listen to music in their rooms while they play or clean up, this is a great feature also to help them wind down for rest. I love that it’s a feature of the Zazoo Kids clock.

Not only is this product a traditional clock but you can also personalize it even more by adding your child’s name or a very short message.

This product is very easy to use, even if you aren’t very familiar with technology. I hooked my Zazoo Kids clock up to my laptop using the included USB cord, found the device that was named “Memory” (may vary), and pasted copies of images into the folder. The transfer was very quick and after I disconnected the device, was instantly available for viewing purposes. {Aren’t they cute!??!}

Zazoo Kids MommyB

This would also be a great for travel, especially for trips without mom and dad to a grandparent’s house. Easily upload images, video, and messages and they’ll be excited to be able to see you even though they’re not with you.

Currently there are several different styles of clock frames to choose from, for both genders. These clocks retail for $89.99, but remember they aren’t just clocks, they play music, can be personalized, have an alarm, and are essentially a digital frame, so you’re combining several products into one.

In my opinion this product seems pretty durable, but at the price point, it’s probably not something I would have within reach of my 3 year old, as for my almost 6 year old, and based on her personality and maturity I wouldn’t have a worry there. Obviously you know your children best regarding play and responsibility.

I encourage you to head to Zazoo Kids’ website to check out details and also if you haven’t already, check out the video above for more information and to see the Zazoo Kids clock in action.

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I received the Zazoo Kids clock sample in order to perform this review and to give you my honest opinions. This post was written with integrity. Your opinions on this product may vary.