Chocoley Chocolates

Chocoley Logo Just in time for me to start losing this baby weight comes Chocoley Chocolates. All kidding aside Chocoley is amazing.

For candy making this is the best tasting stuff out there, trust me, Little Miss A agrees, and I’d know because I’m a HUGE choco-holic. In fact, Miss A and I had some fun using the Kids Chocolate Candy Dipping Kit recently to create our own concoctions. Take a look:

The Kids Chocolate Candy Dipping Kit came with:

* Please note: This kit comes with items that may contain peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, or egg*

(retails for $49.99, and you save about $20)

Here’s our fun candy making story in photos:

Bada Bing Bada Boom Chocolate

Miss A Chocoley Carmel

Chocoley Double Boiler

Chocoley Chocolate

Finished product yum!! We rolled the caramel into balls and covered them and everything else in the pantry with the Bada Bing Bada Boom chocolate. If I were “cheating” on eating healthy I definitely would say that the chocolate covered oreos and caramels were delicious, {hypothetically speaking}. Miss A loved the caramels and the mini marshmallows that we covered too.

This kit would be great for covering caramel apples, molding chocolates if you bought additional molds, or one of the other children’s candy making kits, and of course Easter Candy. You see our candies turned out a little messy but I think if you drip the excess chocolate off more that would solve the problem.

Some suggestions from me to you:

  • A double boiler comes in very handy for not burning the chocolate
  • Use plenty of cornstarch when handling the caramel
  • Buy some cello bags and make some gifts for friends and family
  • Use just a little bit of chocolate to start with, it goes a LONG way

I love the amounts of product that Chocoley put in this kit, the caramel was just as tasty as the chocolate. One thing I would have really appreciated being a “candy clueless” would have been step by step ideas for projects that I could make with Little Miss A. Chocoley has a great e-newsletter you can subscribe to that will give you seasonal ideas, but something compiled and printed out with the kit would have been great. Honestly, there were a few items I didn’t really know how to use a couple of things in the box.

Chocoley also sells a couple of other children’s candy making kits and of course other candy making tools and now Fair Trade Chocolate, which I’m very excited about. Check them out on and sign up for their e-newsletter for more fun ideas and discounts.