The Celebrity in Me

So here I am writing a post to you, and 6 anonymous judges because I’m a contestant in the Type-ACeleb Challenge. If I win I’ll get a ticket to my favorite blogger conference; Type-A Parent Conference, 100 custom business cards, a custom t-shirt, invaluable time with the amazing, Kadi Prescott and dinner out on the town. How do I win all of these great prizes? Well I have to tell you why I’m a celebrity, a star, a winner, and no I don’t have tiger blood, sorry to disappoint.

Paparazzi KidsNow I know you already know I’m a celebrity because I have several people asking me for my autographs, like, well, my mom, and my 14 year old sister, they count right?? Well, if not then how about the fact that the paparazzi is constantly, and I mean all-the-time, following me around? My girls count for paparazzi, they do, they have cameras, and microphones and won’t stop following me around, {see} even when I beg them to, plus they are always asking me questions especially in the most inconvenient of times. Yes, I’m quite sure they would qualify as paparazzi.

{Insert annoying/shocking record scratch here}

Seriously though, I’m not sure many people noticed me at the last conference, being 4′ 10″ and trying to be “spotted” doesn’t always work out, {although I would have fit in very nicely at KidCon} or maybe it’s the fact that I was only able to attend a couple of seminars during conference for one day.

I’m not sure if you remember, but back then I had a very attached, 6 month old who was exclusively nursing, would not take the bottle for the life of me, but even-so hubby encouraged me to go since Asheville is so close, it would be a short trip, and I could bring the whole family. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore my family, but things ended up being more stressful than fun.

This year however will be different, I guarantee it, I’ll be headed to Asheville by myself for the Type-A Conference. I’m totally the mom that puts herself on the back-burner and I know that’s not always a good thing, so this year I’m really trying to be a little “selfish”. I’m leaving my beautiful loving family at home, going with full intentions to have fun, enjoy myself and soak in all the knowledge I can get and I know it’ll be best for all parties involved.


Type-A or Bust

I’ve already got my ticket, and I hope that people don’t discount me because of that, as I plan on giving my ticket to one of the amazing ladies I’m in the running with if I win. The main prize I have my eye on is the opportunity to attend Type-A under Social Media Mom’s “belt” and hang out with Kadi, mostly I hope to feed from her amazing positivity and get to know her in real life, but I also look forward to just being able to chat with her and the possibility of gaining knowledge from someone who’s been there, done that.

I have never had the opportunity to spend so much time with any of my other Social Media role models. This is a prize, along with attending such an amazing conference with speakers that I know and love, would be so invaluable to me. I hope that some of you, my readers, have noticed a change in my posts. Since I am in a brand new year of blogging I’ve been reflecting on the things I want for this blog, and what I want from life in general, and to get a little deep on you, sometimes my posts have been a little less than fulfilling, and really if we’re not loving what we do then why do it right? So slowly, but surely, MommyB Knows Best is evolving, just as I, as a mom, wife, and person, am evolving.

I don’t know if you call people who do good things celebrities, but I’d sure like to be one of those people some day. I want to be someone who’s living her life, loving on her family, and doing good things to help those around her. I think that this prize would help me to be able work towards that intentional role.

MommyBFor those of you who’ve read this far, thanks so much for hanging in there with me. Thanks for being supportive readers, even those of you who are silent. I appreciate you more than words can say!

Here’s to the Type-A Conference and some of the most amazing people I’ve met through Social Media Moms.

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