Can’t Get Enough of Nick Jr.’s Peppa Pig Products

I posted about how much my girls, Miss A {age 5} and Lil’ C {age 2.5} love the Nick Jr. show, Peppa Pig in the post, We Love Nick Jr’s Peppa Pig a few months ago and now here I am raving about them again. It’s seriously good stuff though!!

Just in time for the holidays there are some new toys and products at Toys “R” Us for your Peppa loving family. My girls were able to play with and test out a Peppa Pig stuffed toy, the amazing Peppa Pig playhouse, a fun Christmas themed book, and a new Peppa Pig DVD.

Peppa Pig Collage

My girls fell in love with every.single.Peppa product we got, and here’s why…

Peek ‘n Surprise Playhouse and Peppa & Friends: Painting Together pieces by Fisher Price – This playhouse was super cool because the pieces that come with the house are “magical” but not really. For example one side of the bed is an image of a freshly made bed, and the other is a messy bed with toys. This feature is the same for the washing machine, oven, and most of the pieces that come with the house, I thought that was so neat, and the girls had no problem switching the sides and have been playing with the house regularly.

Peppa Playhouse Collage

Hug ‘n Oink Peppa by Fisher Price – This toy has several Peppa Pig original sayings, lots of giggles and is super cuddly. We had a hard time sharing this one, so we may have to buy another so each girl can have their own. Peppa’s dress comes off, so my girls had fun dressing her in their doll clothes too, and she retails for $21.99, not bad for a good-size stuffed animal who talks.

Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List Book and Muddy Puddles and Other Stories DVD– Kept my girls entertained, and laughing in typical Peppa Pig family style. We love the Pig family antics and these two products gave us nothing less. My girls have asked to watch the DVD over and over and over again, but we decided not to let them because we don’t want their eyes to fall out of their head {note: watching Peppa Pig repeatedly has not been proven to make children’s eyes fall out}.

If you want to hear more about this fun show {and the cool products featured in this review} head to the official Peppa Pig website – and like their page on Facebook: Peppa Pig Facebook Page!

What television show related toys have you bought for your kids??

I received products as a member of Child’s Play Communications review team. I was not paid to review these products and all opinions are mine and my family’s true opinons, would these adorable faces lie to you?!?! Even though they’re our opinions yours may vary, and you can have adorable faces too!!